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GR EIBACH spring install problem

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hi all,

i couldnt find good info for the GR model about lowering springs so hope i am not reposting a similar thread.

i have a 2013 subaru STI and i purchased Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs.

me and my neighbor installed them it really wasn't hard to do.

so everything seems ok everything put back together. i was taking it out of my driveway and i can hear some noise im thinking its the spring adjusting. when i turned the wheel i can hear it even more and when i go straight you cant hear it. It makes the noise only when i turn oh and when i turn in reverse i can hear it more.(when im backing it into my driveway) I dont hear it that often as the first spin around the block but the noise is still there.

anybody had similar problem ?

if not then i might take it to a shop that can take it apart and re-install to make it fit correct

thanks in advance
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Did you make sure that the springs were seated properly on the perches of struts?
yes i did but is there anyway that it moved ?? would that be a reason why it makes the noise ?
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