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Yep. It's doing well, but I think it could have so many more signatures if it was more prominent. I was hoping to get a sticky thread up here and on i-club. I've given up on i-club, 'cause they don't seem to care (I've sent an email and a PM, neither got a response). And JJ's busy with finals, so we'll see about it on here.

I know most people have the feeling the STi's inevitable, but I'm not 100% convinced. I think it would be stupid for them not to bring it, but you never know. They could just pull some kind of boost the stock hp of the WRX kind of thing. Or they could wait until next fall and bring it to coincide with the restyling of the WRX. I really don't want to wait that long! Feel like I've been waiting forever already.

And I'm almost certain they have no plans to bring the wagon, which I think is a shame, and so that's addressed specifically in the petition.

So, from my perspective, there IS a point to the petition. Whether it ultimately achieves anything is another matter.
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