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I think I saw ya JJ

Got the call last Monday, June 31st. I picked up my STi on Thursday July 3rd. I live in Atlanta but went through Mastro in Tampa. I tried Gwinnett Subaru but at the time (November last year) their internet manger was not doing anything for Sti prospects. I have heard nothing but good things about them so if you are in Atl and are looking for an STi go see Brad Miller over there. Mastro turned out to be a good choice. Dropped a deposit right after Thanksgiving last year. They really did a good job for me. If you live in FL and are thinking of an STi then I urge you to call Mastro. I got their 12th Sti. I was #9 on the list but was delayed because the WRB/Gold combo was so popular. They are strictly MSRP on the STi. Their other models are very competitively priced also. It was really cool as that same night I attended a Tampa WRX meet and met a bunch of cool people.

I sure got a lot of looks over the last few days. I saw a couple of cool Mazdaspeed Proteges in Tampa but I could not race them as I was only a few hundred miles into the break in period. The drive back put miles on the car. I didn't have to worry about varying the RPMs over the 500 mile trip since traffic sucked so bad. It was like rush hour for a hundred miles at a time. I guess everyone in the SE was returning from FL on Sunday. I get some 100 octane fuel while in FL. Boy the car sure ran nice on that. I could tell a difference a few miles after running out the 100 and having to refuel with 93.

The power and torque on the STi are so phenomenal. They only car I have ever driven that compares was a normally aspirated late 80s 911. This car has no observable turbo lag. Just steady build up as you pass 2000 RPM. There is so much power on tap. In 6th gear at 70 MPH I just touched the go pedal and I was at 90 before I knew it. I have been very careful keeping the revs down. I can tell it would be very easy to just let it go. Can't wait for the next 300 miles to go by.

Anyway, everyone probably has heard most of this. Sorry to repeat. I am so stoked to finally have the car I want. The features and price of the STi just cannot be beat especially when you consider it comes with a warranty. A 10+ year old 911 certainly would not have a warranty.

My only complaint is the lack of a folding rear seat or pass through. Certainly this is minor and not enough to worry me.

The reports of brake dust are not overstated. The wheels get filthy in no time. I spent 20 minutes cleaning one wheel the other day and didn't even finish! I will have to get some of that BBS approved wheel cleaner from Griots.

I am attaching a pic of the trade in. I had a Mazda P5. Great car but not much under the right foot even with a CAI. Handles awesome.

Anyway, not to ramble. Thanks for reading.


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