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Got mine in Atlanta

Never mind responding. My dealer has a silver/silver in the showroom and I went and checked it out. It looks pretty good. I definitely like the silver/silver. It's pretty quiet in terms of drawing attention. The only unfortunate thing was that the STi was parked next to a Porsche GT2 in the showroom, and there was a silver BMW Z8 Alpina off in the near distance. The Alpina was amongst the most beautiful cars I've seen. Cool 20" rims, too.

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Suggestion - perhaps a new Forum?

murley said:
Next to a BARN??? What a farmer...

;) j/k

"...and on his farm he had an STi, E-I-E-I-O,
with a kick ass here and a kick ass there,
here a scoop, there a growl,
everywhere a growl, growl,
stiperformance had a car, E-I-E-I-O"


P.S. Looks great in that setting - I hope you till the local roads into oblivion!
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