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Got it... Ohio

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Got it last week! At MSRP, not $1 more, from Tim Eltschlager at Yark in Toldeo. Great guy. Because I am an old fart (48) I figured I couldn't live up to the laundry-hanger wing, so Tim swapped my decklid for a normal WRX's in same color, for the lower wing (I ain't ever gonna go fast enough long enough to need the big wing anyway). Car is great. Might need some toe-in adjustment. Getting an XM radio for it. Engine is not internal combustion...is some sort of dilithium crystal madhouse: awesome. Nothing like the WRX I traded in. Great car. Only bummer: how am I EVER gonna stay below 4,000 rpm for 1,000 miles!

GM (yeah I know, lousy initials)

PS: I got no pic yet, but you know what it looks like!
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GAMercer said:
PS: I got no pic yet, but you know what it looks like!
Yeh but we don't know how an STi looks with a small wing! I think your the first to do it. So you got to post some pics.
4MLA1FN said:
Neisius, is that you 5'4" girlfriend? or is it maryey
Actually that Icon was of Britny Spears...but the Admins asked that I change it :roll:
Here is a link to the uncroped gif :lol:

Here is my g/f. Oh and she is 5'1" 8)
BHODGES3 said:
Is that Spears clip from Crossroads or something?
I don't know...I just jacked it from someones sig in a SRT-4 group.
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