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Stay AWAY from BOV

i called in my local subaru dealer in Austin, TX. i was just curious of their shipment and with the sti. they currently told me they have none.

but they told me if put a 1000 dollar hold payment they should beable to get the car in two months. can they order cars like that?

they said they offer the car for msrp. but he mentioned about the protection package. i don't know what protection package he was refering to, but i assume it was paint protection package. and that alone i believe is around $ 1500 dollars or more. so the sti is worth around $ 32-33000 with out TTL.

is this protection package for real? do you have to buy it? ot is it bs?
is this soemthing all sti comes with in the US? or is it just dealers options?

for those who bought an Sti, did you pay any extra for any protection package like i mentioned above?

any feedback and info will be appreciated.
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