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Gopro external mic test

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Here's a video of the Gopro Hero 2 with internal microphone and external (audio technica 24cm) microphone. I just wired and installed the new microphone and wanted to test it out. The video quality is bad because I made a mistake when converting the file and didn't feel like doing it again since the video was mainly for audio purposes.

I hooked up both my Gopro Hero 2 cameras in the same region to get the most accurate comparison. Obviously, the first one was internal mic, and second was external microphone. Let me know if you have any questions. I plan on making tons of videos in the near future.

The car is a 2007 STI with Invidia N1 racing exhaust and Invidia V2 catless downpipe.

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It just so happens I have been looking for an external mic for my gopro.

Can you provide a link to the external mic that you used? Do you know if it will work with the hero3?

You should do a video with the camera and external mic somewhere on the front of the car so we can here it when its in the wind.

Thanks dude.
I'll post the link once I get home and on my computer. But it's the Audio Technica Pro24cm that I bought from Amazon for ~$60.

What I actually did was bought two extension cables and ran one under the carpet to the trunk and down to the bottom of the car through the tail light hole and mounted it near the exhaust. The other cable is ran through the dash and to the engine bay near the front bumper. This way I can mount the gopro anywhere I want and attach the microphone based on whether I want engine sound or exhaust sound. Plus it protects the mic from wind while still capturing the sound I desire. If I want in cabin or anything I just hook up the microphone without the extension cable.

I'm not sure if it works with the gopro hero 3.. I only found one review and the person said it doesn't work. I know you need an adapter with the 3 due to the change in camera but the adapter is only ~$10. My brother has the 3 so I will buy an adapter tonight or tomorrow and test it out for you guys and post a video with mic exposed to wind in front of car and another with it in the protected area to compare.

The only issue is the sound level is very very low when unedited. That's the major concern most buyers have. But you can edit audio in any basic program. In the video I posted the internal mic audio is unedited and the external mic is only adjusted volume wise to 200% rather than default of 100%.

The mic came with accessory mount and cheap but effective wind screen. An upgraded wind screen can be had for a few bucks and make a large improvement.

I'll try and have those videos up by tomorrow night, if I can find the adapter for the 3.
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Sorry just thought of this.. I won't be able to mount the hero 3 outside the car with mic because you need a skeleton case to access the microphone jack. But I'll still see if it is compatible. Then do the sound/wind test with the 2.
Thanks for the info. I am looking for a decent mic setup for my motorcycles. So a decent wind screen would be a must. That why I was hoping you would mount the mic in the wind some how.

Too bad you have to edit the audio but I guess thats not a huge deal. I also didnt concider the fact that you have to use a skeleton case. I have "The Frame" but I think it blocks the mic jack.

Anyways good info you provided. Thanks again and I look forward to more vids from you! Cheers!
Another video

This time I posted the gopro on the front bumper and placed the microphone right in the center grill. It was exposed to wind and everything. However, there is a lot of road noise and engine noise, so it's hard to hear if it's wind or not. I'll try to do one more in the center of the roof, away from engine, exhaust, ground, and that way should be able to see about wind noise.

The freeway shots were anywhere from 65mph to quick segments of 85mph.

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wow that mic is alot bigger than I thought. That would be a challenge to get it set up on my bike.

I will say the wind noise is a lot more tolerable with that mic though. And that is great mic placement for the test too. Obviously tucking it away a bit will make quite a difference too.

I think I am going to be looking for some kind of directional mic set up. Something I can point at the audio source I want to record and not pick up wind noise. Dont even know if there is one made that is gopro compatible but that would be perfect for us motorsport guys.

Thanks for taking the time to do that!! Much appreciated!!
No problem.

The mic is a little bit on the big size. But on a car it is easy to tuck it away in the rear or front bumper. Like I said earlier I have two extension cords already routed to the front and rear of the car which meet in the middle of the car to plug into the gopro. So I just put the mic in which ever location and grab the end of the cord in the middle and attach it to the gopro with enough slack to put it almost anywhere on the car.

I am purchasing another microphone for other uses besides the car. It's a lavalier microphone I can clip on my shirt for ease of carrying and everythign. However, there are multiple users on youtube who use it for their car as well. So I will test it out there to. I have two gopro's, two cords routed, so I want to get two different audios to merge in one video. Both the engine and exhaust tone. It's the audio technica ATR 3350.. which is also quite cheaper ~$30

Something to look into as it would be able to tuck away quite better on the motorcycle. I'll post videos as soon as I get that mic.

Good luck with your search!!
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