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Giving up place in line due to detonation

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How many of you are contemplating passing on the STI, when your turn comes up, if the detonation "problem" hasn't been adequatley addressed by Subaru?

(I hestiate to say problem, because it is not all STIs, but w/ only a few hundred in circulation, it seems widespread enough to be a legitimate concern.)

See following links if you aren't up on the detonation issue.



(see 2004 STI Tech 101 section, @ bottom left)
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i've been filling up with Chevron 91 and haven't heard any pinging...probably due to my loud stereo :lol:

anyway...even if something does happen, isn't it covered in the Subaru warranty?
darwood said:
ChaOs what is the build date on your car? Mine is 04/03.
How can I find out when the build date is on my STi?
1 - 2 of 105 Posts
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