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General loss of power/slight shake

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I have a 17 sti limited, in the past couple of weeks or so I’ve noticed a general loss in torque especially in S# also boost is struggling to peak at 17, I have around 60k miles and was originally thinking it could’ve been my clutch because the clutch pedal is definitely getting lighter but doesn’t feel like it’s slipping also when Engine breaking in 5th or even cruising in 6th I feel a slight shake in the car also figured that could be an alignment issue but am worried the loss and power and the shake are related, don’t hear any knock or anything out of the ordinary. Let me know what you think!
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Check the vacuum line on the wastegate or the hot side turbo housing. There might be a crack on the wastegate door. Since you're taking it to Subaru, they'll probably check that anyway. Let us know the update!
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