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Re: IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Carbing x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

Awesome update as always. I need that wheel in my life!!! Lol can't wait for what's to come!
Thanks Ricardo! The steering wheel is such a nice touch, and definitely more awesome things coming buddy! :D

Steering wheel looks awesome!!!
Thanks so much Joebie! I highly recommend this steering wheel!

Awesome service with hardware overview. Thank you Alex!

update is awesome too!

i got the hint, but i won't spoil it ?
Haha no problem at all Simon, I'm glad I could help you out, and thanks btw! We'll see below if you did get the hint :p

Ok so this update is HUGE! and has many different parts to it, but we'll first start off with that teaser picture, because everyone is probably wondering what that was all about. With that picture that I posted in the last update, there were two choices as to what was coming:
  1. E85
  2. Cobb parts (get it...corn on the "Cobb" hahaha) hopefully I wasn't the only person thinking this :lol:
Now given that I live in Toronto, there are no E85 stations, so E85 was out of the question...but I just thought it'd be fun to maybe make it seem like I was getting E85; so with E85 out of the question, I infact did get some Cobb parts!

My good friends Peter and [email protected] had a really good deal on some Cobb parts back in August, and I decided to purchase both a brand new Cobb Accessport V3 and a Cobb Catted Downpipe.

Here are some pictures of the parts:

The reason I went with the Cobb Catted Downpipe is because it perfectly bolts onto my Greddy Supreme Spectrum Elite Catback. I also went with the choice to stay catted because as much as I don't like leaving things on the table, I also don't want any problems with being catless and getting pulled over.
I plan to get the Cobb Catted Downpipe ceramic coated by a local place called Fireball Coatings. They specialize in this field, and are highly recommended and perceived as being the go-to place in the GTA, so I will surely be seeing them in February for their services.

Following right after, on Friday, September 18th, I had gotten a couple of things done to the car, first was something that I've always thought my car was missing ever since I got my taillights professionally painted by Brian (Nexson)...the 3rd brake light seemed out of place still being clear. Please see the below picture for reference to what I mean:

So I had a couple of options to solve this problem, I could get it professionally painted by Brian (Nexson), which I really wanted at first, or I could get it vinyl-wrapped in red by Auto-Links. I decided to opt for the latter because to remove the 3rd brake light, I would have had to cut the wire that connects to it, and I didn't feel like cutting wires and soldering or doing whatever else was involved; so for simplicity purposes, vinyl-wrapping it is, and I knew just the shop to take it to...Auto-Links!

Special thanks goes out to my good friend [email protected] for the install on my 3rd brake light! I informed him that I had the local CSCS racing event on that Sunday, September 20th, and he was more than happy to stay longer to help install the vinyl to get my car ready for the event.
Here's my brief review on my good friend [email protected]:

Quality: 10/10 ... Steven has such attention-to-detail, which is why I trust him without question when working on my car! The install was done very carefully and there is no bubbling in the vinyl; the vinyl job looks like it came that way from the factory.

Turnaround: 6/5 ...Steven again made time in the busy Auto-Links schedule to work after-hours and get my car ready for the car event that weekend. It was a very last minute decision on my behalf to get it done, but Steven was more than happy to accommodate me, and I'm very thankful to have a shop that is willing to help me out as best as they can, and I will always continue to support them!

Overall Experience: 10/10 ...I always have nothing but positive things to say about John (Auto-Links owner), and [email protected] They are the best in the GTA in their field, and will always have my business for all of my cars, and I will always refer them to friends and family because they not only use the best products, but have a team that pays attention to the details for every install, they are very friendly and happy to help answer any questions you may have, and treat every customers' car as if it were their own.
Again, special thanks to the Auto-Links team, and for those interested in their services or to see their awesome work, check out their social media outlets:
Auto-Links : Toronto Tint, Window Films, Alarms, Stereo
Auto-Links - Home | Facebook
Auto-Links - Scarborough - Scarborough, ON | Yelp

Here are the pictures, enjoy...

^So much better than having the 3rd brake light clear!!

So it was still Friday, September 18th, and the second part of installs that happened that day was my DAMD Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel to be installed. I got in touch with one of my best friends, Carl to help install my DAMD steering wheel...for those who may or may not remember, Carl was the guy who installed my SuperPro Pitch-Stop Mount in return for me cleaning his engine bay:

Here's a picture of Carl's car for those interested:

And also, Carl has big things coming for his car this upcoming season, so give him a follow on Instagram if you are interested:
Carl's Instagram
Here's a teaser pic of what you can expect is coming with his build:

Ok so back to what I was talking about, so I stopped off that night to see Carl and he helped install my DAMD CF Steering Wheel that night right after I saw Auto-Links to also help get my car ready for the CSCS event!

Thanks so much Carl for installing my steering wheel, and being such a great friend! I look forward to a great summer 2016 with you at all of the upcoming car events! Here's a picture of the DAMD CF Steering Wheel installed in my car...don't mind the pink shorts, sometimes you gotta look fly to school for the ladies, and I think I can pull off wearing pink shorts :lol: ;)

Ok so let's jump to Sunday September 20th, where the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) Finale was at TMP in Cayuga, Ontario. I travelled with the crew at Touge Tuning and had a great time hanging out with all of my good friends and supporting Chris as he pushed the shop 2015 WRX around the track and secured 3rd place overall throughout the racing season! What's very interesting to note is that his car was minimally upgraded in terms of power (I think it only had a ProTune by OnPoint Dyno, and a KillerB J-Pipe, and upgraded tires and lightweight rims), whereas the competitors in his class had plenty of upgrades, which goes to show that driver-mod is key!

I got a lot of fun shots at this event, and there were some really nice cars that caught my eye, including a brand new Dodge Viper, Radical SR3, and my favourite, a Porsche GT3 Cup Car (which was my first time not only seeing one in person, but also seeing one being raced around the track)!

Enjoy the pictures everyone of the 2015 CSCS Finale:

And to conclude this update, my car was put away for storage on October 8th, 2015 with 15,270kms. I took my car to Touge Tuning for the oil change on October 8th to get my car prepared for storage.
Here's a picture of the car being put away for storage:

Also, I asked [email protected] to take an oil sample and get it sent to Blackstone Laboratories to be analyzed for the first time! A couple weeks later on October 21st, Chris sent me the results to the testing. Judging by the comments made by Blackstone Laboratories, the results seem to be really good!

Thanks for checking this update out, and big things are coming so stay tuned everyone :)

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Re: IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Carbing x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

Amazing build! That x-clean looks to be a great oil for your application.
Thanks Don, I appreciate that coming from you and your stellar build!

It's update time!!

I'm very excited to show some of the parts I purchased back towards the end of November-ish 2015.

First, I stopped off at Touge Tuning to pick up some IAG goodies for my car in preparation of what will be coming soon. Those goodies consisted of IAG Fuel Rails (black finish), and IAG Block-Off Plate (silver finish).

Before I get into the pictures, here's my review on Touge Tuning and IAG's parts

Quality: 10/10 ... The quality of these parts is impeccable! IAG makes in my opinion the best parts for Subaru enthusiasts, and I am beyond happy with the quality control measures that goes into manufacturing these parts. There are no noticeable flaws/defects in the parts.

Overall quality of the experience is excellent as always with the guys at Touge Tuning. I'm always happy to place my business with people who deliver great customer service, are knowledgeable, and friendly; and that is the experience that Touge Tuning always tries to deliver!

Turnaround: 5/5 ... The parts came in very quickly, I believe a 1-week turnaround time or so, coming from IAG's location to Touge Tuning here in Canada.

Communication: 10/10 ... I was notified throughout the process by [email protected] to confirm both my order, as well as notifying me when it was ready for pick-up.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... IAG packages their products very well so that there are no damages during the shipping process.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... Overall, as always, I'm very happy being a customer of Touge Tuning! Both Chris and Mike are always there to help me out with my product inquiries, and ensuring I have a great experience throughout the transaction! Thanks so much guys and I look forward to buying more top-notch IAG parts from you guys in the future!

For more info on Touge Tuning, check them out here:
Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook
Touge Tuning Youtube
Touge Tuning Instagram

Enjoy the pictures:

Next up, I am happy to present a part that has a lot of sentimental value to me...but before I get right into it, here's the story behind it. So if you remember before, I mentioned that I sold my ARC Alternator Cover to my friend Matt. I was having some seller's remorse by losing my only ARC part for my car, and being a huge supporter/collector of rare JDM parts, I knew I had to supplement it by getting another ARC part for my car.

Ok so this is what happened...I had just arrived back home from class back in November. It was around 1pm that day, and I thought I'd just check to see what's going on here at IWSTI. So I go onto the home page, and peruse through the most recent threads in all categories. I eventually make my way down to the For Sale section, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing...an ARC OIL CAP!!! Yes that's right, the holy grail of oil caps ever made for our cars. Crafted by the finest Japanese hands, and engineered to deliver "Comfortable and unknown car lifewith ARC power" whatever that means :lol: I was speechless, ecstatic, but also nervous that maybe someone had purchased it already...but no, the thread was posted just 5 minutes ago!!!
Immediately I pranced on the listing and gave the owner and my soon to be friend Chris K. (IWSTI member: "BAD MF STI") a message to show my interest in the cap. For those of you who may not remember, Chris has a journal here for his 2011 SWP STi that was making some big power figures, and was complemented with a beautiful set of Volk G2 rims, and many other subtle but eye-catching modifications. Here's a link to his journal:
BAD MF's ELEMENT TUNED '11 STI Sedan 376whp/388wtq

Back to the story; so I shoot him a message, mention how this would be going to a very good home, as I will definitely treat one of his pride-and-joy mods with the same respect, also how it would genuinely mean the world to me, and gave him a very generous and fair offer for it. Most importantly, I made a friend out of this transaction, and that to me is so important because I like to have stories like this where I can meet new people and share a bond/connection for a love of Subarus and quality parts, and the connection with Chris will always be there as he is now a part of my journal, and I am very honoured and grateful for this opportunity!

Before I proceed with the pictures, here's my review for the transaction with Chris:

Quality: 10/10 ... Boy does ARC make some top-quality products!

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Turnaround was extremely quick.

Communication: 10/10 ... Chris was a real pleasure to deal with over Private Messaging here and on email. He always responded to me very promptly and professionally and was very patient throughout the entire process.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... Chris packaged the cap very well to prevent damage, and a bonus was that he still kept had the original box for the cap.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... Overall, I'm very grateful that Chris gave me the opportunity to purchase such a timeless, beautiful, eye-catching part, but most importantly, I'm thankful to have met and interacted with such a nice guy! I'm really really excited to get this put on my car when it comes out of storage, but again, I can't say thank-you enough to you Chris for making this happen!

Ok so now for the pictures, enjoy:

As I've mentioned previously, lots of big things are coming for summer, and I am going to give you a very very very special teaser for something I've been super excited to get for quite some time.
Before I conclude, thank-you very much for stopping by, and again, thanks to both Touge Tuning and Chris K. for everything :) Ok so enjoy your teaser, and stay tuned for next update, which is going to be bigger and even better!


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Re: IAG x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x ARC x IPF x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

Funny story though, so this was my first time ever being up on stage to be awarded something of this nature, and there was this gorgeous model (pictured above) who kinda looked like Avril Lavigne waiting to present me with my award.
Sorry to bring up such an old post, but QUEUE AVRIL LAVIGNE DEATH CONSPIRACY THEORY! :D

Also, if you didn't already, get the FP dampers for the IAG rails. You can find them on eBay for considerably cheaper than IAG sells (they want their markup).

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Re: IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Carbing x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

OHHH lookin' good Alex!! I can't like your post :-( I've clicked it too many times I guess LOL!

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Re: IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Carbing x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

Hey everyone, it's time for another update!

This update takes place around late December (Christmas) for me.

So for Christmas, I received some car parts that I'd like to share, but before I do, here's a very interesting story I'd like to share.

I tend to receive some money for Christmas where I'd then buy some car parts for instance with that money, but I've actually never received car parts before as a gift! Typically my family doesn't like to fuel the fire with it, and would much rather me invest them money in stocks or buy clothes with the money (pretty much anything but car parts) :lol: ...until this past Christmas, where I received my FIRST EVER car parts for Christmas, and boy was I happy. In fact, happy isn't even close to what I was feeling...I was exuberant to say the least, and funny enough it was all captured on camera!! I don't think I will ever happen receive car parts again for Christmas from family (it was sort of a nice one-time thing), so I'm going to appreciate this moment and take it all in as it was very special to me!

Please refrain from scrolling down to see the parts just yet, but I would entice you all to watch a very short video where you see me open it (and funny enough I thought it was cufflinks at first :lol: ) Plus, you will all get to hear my dad cracking some of his jokes :lol:


LOL no dad, those aren't caps for the boots, they are caps for my car!! :lol:

That's right, I received two IAG engine bay caps for Christmas from my sister, and as I said in the video, I was beyond surprised. More specifically, these caps are the Silver IAG Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap (AG-ACC-5002SL) and the Silver IAG Clutch Reservoir Cap (IAG-ACC-5003SL)

Now these caps are very special because as mentioned in the video, they are the Last of their kind in the world being the silver finish of-course. I've always wanted these caps, but I always seemed to put it off because I had other things to purchase. Anyways, how did my sister know that I wanted these? I surely didn't mention it to her!? :confused: That's where Chris, Mike, and John at Touge Tuning come into play. So my kind sister decides to give them a call and ask to see what I like that's reasonably priced, and funny enough, they knew exactly what I wanted--the IAG Caps.

These caps that I wanted had to however be the silver finish, as that's the theme I'm trying to go with for my engine bay. So Chris gives [email protected] a call, and Kyle had the last 2 caps in the silver finish for the Clutch Reservoir Cap, and the Master Brake Cylinder Cap in stock, ready to go, and he advised Chris that these again were the last available caps in silver for their application; I guess silver isn't the most popular amongst the Subaru community, but hey that's cool with me :cool: :D

As always, before I get into the pictures, here's my review of Touge Tuning, but a special thank-you to my sister most importantly, and also Kyle at IAG for taking care of this for me!

Quality: 10/10 ... IAG makes some of the finest parts known for the Subaru community. The caps are very strong, visually appealing, and elucidate a top-quality product.

Turnaround: 6/5 ... The parts I believe were express shipped on behalf of IAG to get here before Christmas day, which is why I gave it a 6/5, as they really care and create strong customer relationships with their clients!

Communication: 10/10 ... While I wasn't notified as I didn't buy it, my sister received an email from [email protected] notifying her that the caps were ready to be picked up. Most importantly, they treated her and valued her business, especially as a first time customer.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... Well I can't say how it was packaged, but it at least was packaged very nicely in the boots I got for Christmas :lol:

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... Overall, I can't say enough great things about Touge Tuning! They are awesome and definitely are the best Subaru shop in Canada!

For more info on Touge Tuning, check them out here:
Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook
Touge Tuning Youtube
Touge Tuning Instagram

Enjoy the pictures:

Here's my engine bay collection so far:

So shiny...my precious (Gollum voice) :lol:

Next up, I received my limited edition Subaru STi ugly Christmas sweater; yayyy!!! I can now participate in the work festivities of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!! :tup:

Seriously, I don't know why the call it an ugly sweater at all, I don't find it ugly in the slightest bit :cool: Anyways, I also received my 2016 IWSTI calendar :)

Ok, now, if you recall from last update, I posted a very interesting teaser to say the least. Any guesses as to what that was?



Like the ARC oil cap, I'd be lying to say that I'm excited to get this installed...I'm way beyond excited! The ARC oil cap is the holy grail of oil caps, the Killer B header is the "holy" (pun intended) grail of headers...and I'm super excited to work with the Killer B team (especially Chris) and give Gabby the best of the best parts!
Special thanks to both [email protected] for making such a top-quality header, and also [email protected] for having it in stock, because these headers sell like hot-cakes! :lol:

For those who aren't familiar, be sure to check out Killer B for more awesome products! Below I have included all of their social media outlets:
Killer B Motorsport Website
Killer B Motorsport Facebook
Killer B Motorsport Youtube
Killer B Motorsport Instagram

The Killer B headers along with the Cobb downpipe will be later sent to get ceramic coated at Fireball Coatings prior to being installed.

To conclude this update, I have another fun teaser to share with you all...enjoy and again, thank-you for stopping by!


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Re: KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

Badass sister level = 1000:lol:
Haha she's pretty awesome Joebie, that was actually my first ever car part for Christmas! Last Christmas if you recall, I got the Moroso Expansion Tank from my grandparents, but they just gave me money to spend on whatever I wanted; so those IAG caps were actually the first car part that I have ever received as a gift from anyone and judging by my reaction, you can tell it was haha! I was beyond surprised as again, I never receive car parts for Christmas, birthdays, etc, it's typically clothes. And funny enough, when I noticed the boxes in the boots, I thought they were cufflinks! I had no idea that they were the IAG engine bay caps! :lol:

Hey everyone, ok update time! :)

So judging by the last post with the teaser, you may have been wondering what exactly that APS thing was. Well back in late-December, I purchased an Air Power Systems (APS) Hard Turbo Inlet that is discontinued, and has been for awhile. This is the cream-of-the-crop part in its category for turbo inlets, as it is the ideal/optimal inlet given its solid construction, as opposed to a silicone option. I purchased this unicorn inlet from a well-known NASIOC member who's name is Steve (NASIOC member "driftfc88"), and he drives a beautiful GD STi; here's a picture of it:

Before I get into the post, I want to say thank-you to Steve for giving me the chance to purchase this! I assured him that this part will be going to a really good home, where it will be treated like the masterpiece that it is!

Quality: 8.5/10 ... This APS Turbo Inlet was in fantastic condition, considering it is used. It did not get the full rating because its use was evident in the APS ID-Plate, which showed the most "wear" out of the entire inlet. FUN FACT: This APS ID-Plate identifies that the product is an authentic APS product.

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Steve ensured that upon purchase, the APS Inlet would be wrapped up and ready to be shipped. Shipment arrived on-time.

Communication: 10/10 ... Steve was a real pleasure to deal with. He is a very kind and patient person when we interacted via PM. He responded very promptly, and ensured that the transaction went as smooth as possible!

Shipping/Packaging: 8/5 ... This was one of the best packaging jobs that I have ever seen! If you go back to page 4, you'll remember how I had my taillights sent out to be professionally redone by Brian "Nexson."
Well I thought that that packaging job was the best and safest packaging of something that I've done, let alone seen! Here's a pic of our packaging job:

Now that packaging job that my dad and I did to ship the lights out was arguably 2nd to the job that Steve did when he packaged this APS Inlet, which you'll see below. That is why he gets an 8/5 because he topped what I thought could never be topped lol!

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm super happy with how everything went with Steve. He is a great guy, and I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to interact with him, I made a friend out of it! Thank-you very much Steve, this "Mona Lisa" will be treated very carefully and I'll see to it that it gets the attention that it deserves! :tup:

Here are the pictures everyone, enjoy:

The second part of this update will be taking that APS Turbo Inlet that I received from Steve one step further. As I've mentioned and pictured above, the Inlet seems to be in great condition, but there was some wear on it, specifically on the ID-Plate. That was going to change as I was inquiring to find the best polishing shop in Toronto to take care of restoring this ID-Plate to its original condition.

Me personally, I'm all about the attention-to-details, and this is a very special project to me, because it isn't about how big/small the project, it's all about taking the time to appreciate the finer details, which I believe really differentiates a car in a vast array of many similar cars; with that being said, it is my utmost pleasure to introduce a review regarding the job that [email protected] of Bling Polishing did for my recently acquired APS Hard Turbo Inlet:

A closer look of the imperfections on the ID-Plate...

That wasn't near to my high attention-to-detail standards, and I knew I had to find someone to take care of this. Now being a detailer with a keen eye for the attention-to-detail, I could've tried to give it a refresh (and I had many friends tell me to do so) as I had a couple products in my detailing arsenal to take on the job, but I really felt that it wouldn't be anywhere close to the results of someone who specializes in the field of metal polishing. Now I remember one of my friends Cassie had her 3SDM rims polished by [email protected] of Bling Polishing, and they looked spectacular; in fact she initially went to one of his competitors, and was blown away when she got them re-done by Shawn.
Here is a picture first of the competitor's polish job, and the last picture is one of [email protected] of Bling Polishing...


King of Bling Polishing

She highly recommended me to him and I knew I had to give him a shot, because his work spoke for itself as pictured above, and I was also informed that he takes extremely good care of his customers' projects (in terms of preparation and safety of the items...Example:Taping off area). All of these things checked off and I knew that I had to give Shawn a call, and so I did, and I'm so glad I did! Shawn's business tends to focus on polishing and restoring those big 18-wheeler trucks that you see on the road, but he also accepts projects for cars, trucks, bikes (pretty much anything that can be polished :lol: )

Before I get into the pictures, here's my overall review broken down into several sections:

Quality: 10/10 ... The quality of Shawn's work was unbelievable! I am beyond satisfied with the workmanship, professionalism, and care for my part! More specifically, Shawn carefully taped and wrapped the actual inlet itself, to prevent it from getting damaged in any way during the polishing process. This spoke volumes to me because it's the same attention-to-details and care for the other (his clients) that I do in my detailing business, where I would tape off the client's rubber trim to prevent it from being damaged during polishing. I knew that I was dealing with the best when I saw the pictures of it being protected! The overall end-product looks as though it was brand new...I now technically have a BRAND NEW part!!!

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Shawn was able to fit me into his busy schedule for this small project and what I truly valued was that he informed me throughout the process of how things were progressing. The overall job was finished and the inlet was delivered to me in-person the next day!

Communication: 15/10 ... Shawn carefully explained to me the entire process of what was going to be involved, and took extra caution not to damage the etching on the ID-Plate (which he brought to my attention). I really appreciated him telling me this because it ensured that we were both on the same page as to what the job entailed, and I knew that he was going to take very good care of my inlet! I gave this a 15/10 because Shawn also took the time to give me a detailed write-up of the process involved (for competition-reasons, certain things were omitted), so that I could share the process in-case anyone was interested; I thought that that was so awesome!

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... When I went to pick up the APS Inlet from Shawn, it was carefully packaged to protect it from getting damaged in the event that it were dropped, etc.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm beyond happy with the job that [email protected] of Bling Polishing did for my APS Turbo Inlet ID-Plate, and I can't thank him enough for it. I even received a King of Bling winter toque from Shawn, which was perfect for the cold weather we had at the time. As I've mentioned, he was so professional to deal with throughout the entire process, the quality of his work is the best, he communicated everything clearly and sent me progress updates to keep me in the loop, and really treated my part with the utmost care, which is why I will always be a client of his and support him in any way that I can! Again thank-you so much Shawn and I look forward to more projects with you in the future!

Here are the pictures:

When I received it...

For those interested in the process involved, this is Shawn's write-up on the process involved:

Step 1: Assess the job.

Step 2: Tape off all unnecessary pieces and cover any holes and openings to ensure no mistakes are made (It's easy to make 1 slip-up and sacrifice the entire job, so better safe than sorry).

Step 3: Having the right tools for the job. Instead of using a standard 8-inch diameter pad on a 6000 rpm grinder, I switched that for a Dremel with adjustable speed. Using specialty rouge bars and miniature buffing pads, I started the polishing process. Some spots on the APS ID-Plate had scratches, and what appears to be a spot where APS didn't cover while etching their logo. To remove this, I lightly sanded the spots until they were level with the rest of the metal. I continued polishing the sand marks, and followed by a final polish with an ultra-soft buffing pad with a soft compound. The piece was then finished off with a final wipe-off of any excess compound, using a microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Re-wrap the part to protect the polish job and deliver to the customer.

**NOTE that he adds: "To upkeep the shine, I recommend my own brand of polish "Devil's Brew" by Sinister. It is a final finish polish that was used in this project, and is great for all types of metals, as it renews the shine and protects from the elements. More info on this product can be found at Sinister Shine Shop"

Here's a video that I made showing the progress as well (btw, enjoy the music, I'm a big fan of the jazzy hip-hop "boom-bap" style of music):

For those interested in Shawn's work, below you will find his social media outlets where he can be reached:
King of Bling Polishing Website
King of Bling Polishing Facebook Page
King of Bling Polishing Instagram
King of Bling Polishing Youtube Channel

The third part of this update will address something that is very very special to me! As you saw from the last update, I received 2 of IAG's last engine bay caps in the silver application: The Silver IAG Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap (AG-ACC-5002SL) and the Silver IAG Clutch Reservoir Cap (IAG-ACC-5003SL). Well, I wanted to finish up the lineup, as I was made aware that these caps in the silver application were being phased out, since they aren't the most popular color option.

Here's where it gets interesting, so I give [email protected] a call, and fill him in on how my sister went through Touge Tuning to get those two aforementioned silver caps, and how I wanted to finish up the rest of them. Kyle was happy to hear how much I liked them, but tells me that he can't find the rest of the cap lineup in the V2 application, and only has the V1s.


And the V2s:

Clearly IMO, the V2s look much better than the V1s. Now, here's where things get interesting, and why I think the guys over at IAG are the best! So I decide to go with the V1s, as that's all that was left in stock. Was I upset at myself for waiting this long to get the V2s...yes. Would I still be happy with V1s...definitely, but not as happy as I would have been with the V2s. So the next morning, I decide to call [email protected] to order the V1 caps for me. After just getting off the phone with Chris, I get an email from [email protected] stating how he did some poking around in the back warehouse of the shop and he found the V2 caps that I was looking for!!!!! I seriously couldn't believe what I was reading. I am so glad to be supporting companies that really go the extra mile and ensure that their clients are as satisfied as possible. Kyle went out of his way to look beyond the current inventory that I'm guessing was either in the front office/waiting area, or even in the warehouse in their specific spot, and he must've found all of them somewhere tucked in the back!
Immediately, I called Chris back up and said Kyle found the V2s, cancel the V1 order, and quick before someone buys the V2s :lol: Fortunately, I told Kyle to set them aside for me, so I already knew I was getting them :p :rofl:

The caps that were ordered include the following:
  • Black IAG Radiator Stays for 2008-14 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (1 Pair) (IAG-ACC-2502BK)
  • Silver IAG Power Steering Reservoir Cap (IAG-ACC-5007SL)
  • Silver IAG V2 Coolant Overflow Cap (IAG-ACC-5011SL)
  • Silver IAG V2 Windshield Washer Fluid Cap (IAG-ACC-5012SL)
  • Silver IAG Engine Oil Dipstick (IAG-ACC-5009SL)
Now like the 2 caps that I received for Christmas in the last post, these are also the last caps in silver that are available in the world, and they are now in my possession! :devil:
Also, I decided to go with the Black IAG Radiator Stays instead of the silver ones, because as you may remember me saying before, I plan to go with the Ron Davis Radiator, and I wasn't sure if the Silver IAG Radiator Stays would match perfectly with the Polished Ron Davis Radiator; so to be safe, I went with the black.

So Kyle, thank-you so much for going above and beyond. This exemplifies how awesome the guys over at IAG are! I was so happy that I sent both Rick and [email protected] an email stating how happy Kyle made me and how I will continue to support one of my favorite companies--IAG. Again, the transaction was done at the V1s, it could've been a done deal, but Kyle went out of his way to try and find the caps that I really wanted, when they didn't appear to be there!
A special thank-you also goes out to [email protected]uge Tuning for taking care of the whole ordering process for me! I can always count on you to be there for me, and how you are so attentive to your clients. Like IAG, this is why I will always support Touge Tuning as my other favorite shop!

As always, before I post pictures, here's my review on the caps:

Quality: 10/10 ... These caps are beyond this world in terms of the quality. They are incomparable to any other engine bay caps you can think of...you know, typical IAG masterpiece quality!

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Chris took care of the order in a very quick manner, and everything arrived on-time.

Communication: 20/10 ... [email protected] deserves a 20/10 for this, due to the fact that he went out of his way to get the V2s for me. Kyle was very prompt with his replies via our email conversations.

Overall Experience: 20/10 ... Again, I can't say how proud I am to be a client of both IAG and Touge Tuning! Both companies are the best in their respective areas, and both go out of there way to ensure that clients are as satisfied as possible! So thank-you very much Kyle for making me the happiest guy in the world!

For more info on Touge Tuning, check them out here:
Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook Page
Touge Tuning Instagram
Touge Tuning Youtube Channel

For more info on IAG Performance, check them out here:
IAG Performance Website
IAG Performance Facebook Page
IAG Performance Instagram
IAG Performance Youtube Channel

Now here are the much awaited pictures of the caps:

Now before I conclude this post, I got one last thing to share. It is regarding a video that I star in to showcase these caps. A special thanks goes out to Touge Tuning for the idea to share my story with everyone, and a special thanks goes out to one of Touge Tuning's team members named Chris (not the owner), who focuses on the social media aspect of the business. He is very talented at what he considers to be his hobby, and I'd like to share the video with you all. Note that the very beginning is a snippet of the last video you saw, so don't worry it's not everything that you saw from the last time. Plus you'll hear me butcher the pronunciation of the shop that I commend so much, which is pretty embarrassing, but Tomato Tomahto right :lol:

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing the next update with you all soon! Here's a teaser pic for something that's coming:


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Re: KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Beatrush x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gab

Holy shit, dude. You're no longer joking around this year :lol:

I'm loving the updates, keep it up, Alex!
Haha thanks Alqasim!

I hope everyone is doing well! I've got another update for you all :)

So at the very end of my post, I had posted a teaser picture of an item that was all wrapped up.

Now before I tell you exactly what it is, I'm going to get you thinking. So this part will be used in conjunction with something that I've had in my room for a couple years. I have been waiting to install that part in my room, simply because it would be optimal with the part in the teaser picture (which I didn't have at the time). Part of the problem was that SMY Performance discontinued the part in the teaser picture before I could purchase it (This seems to be a recurring theme when I wait too long for these rare parts) :lol: . My main contact who I bought the thing that I've had in my room from was also unable to get this, and ended up searching for about 1.5 years for it and was unable to find it...until recently!!!

So any thoughts as to what this might be?

JDM Wide Angle Side-View Glass Mirrors!!!

That's right, after 1.5 years of searching, my good friend and main contact for these rare JDM parts, Marcos, had contacted me in January 2016 to notify me that he found the JDM Wide Angle Glass Mirrors in the specific application that I wanted:
  • No-Etching/Writing on the Mirrors ("Objects in mirror are closer than they appear")
  • Heated Mirrors
Now even though I don't drive the car in the winter, I still wanted to have the Heated Option just to know it was there, should I ever need it for whatever reason.

FYI, in case you may have forgotten, the part that has been in my room collecting dust for the past couple of years was the JDM Power Folding Mirrors with Auto-Fold Module that I purchased from Marcos. I haven't had it installed because from those who have these JDM Power Folding Mirrors, apparently you can't set your glass mirrors as wide as normal, and for me, I have mine setup to look like this, which eliminates much of the blind-spot risk:

So with these JDM Wide Angle Side-View Mirrors that I got, I'll be able to position my mirrors like I had them before.

I'm so grateful to have a good friend like Marcos who was always looking out for me and keeping his eyes peeled on finding these glass mirrors! Again, he spent 1.5 years looking for this for me; if that's not customer service, I don't really know what is!!! So thank-you very much Marcos for helping me out and achieve my goals, I sincerely appreciate your help buddy!

So before I post the pictures, as always, here's my review on Marcos for the JDM Wide Angle Side-View Mirrors:

Quality: 10/10 ... These JDM Wide Angle Mirrors are in perfect condition. No signs of any damage, they are brand new!

Turnaround: 20/5 ... While it did take 1.5 years to find these, you could say that that was the longest turnaround time of all time :lol: but all joking aside, as soon as Marcos found these mirrors that had the specifications that I wanted, he immediately contacted me and the deal was done right away! That's why Marcos gets a 20/5, because he was determined to find these for me and never gave up on finding them for me, which goes to show how far he goes to make his clients happy!

Communication: 10/10 ... Marcos was as always very kind and patient during the communication via PMs, and constantly kept me in the loop of when he received the payment, when it was shipped, and following up when I received it.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... Marcos packaged the mirrors very well, to ensure that they didn't get damaged during the shipping process, which by the way arrived very quickly!

Overall Experience: 20/10 ... To say that I am happy with how everything turned out with Marcos would be a major understatement! I'm well beyond happy; I'm on cloud nine thanks to Marcos! Again, for crying out loud, he spent almost two years finding this for me considering it being the unicorn part for mirrors after it was discontinued! I really am speechless Marcos, this means so much to me, more than I can communicate on here, and for that, I thank-you so much!

For all of you who are interested in getting the JDM Power Folding Mirrors and maybe even the JDM Wide Angle Side-View Glass Mirrors, I'd highly recommend you shoot Marcos (IWSTI member "Monkiboy") a message to inquire about them. Make sure to let him know that Alex sent you! You can reach him here:
Marcos/Monkiboy's IWSTI Profile Page

So with that being said, I have already booked an appointment with one of my favorite shops that you may already be familiar with...Auto-Links; they will be installing both the JDM Power Folding Mirrors and Auto-Fold Module with these Glass Mirrors.

So with all of that being said, here are the pictures:

Ok so moving on, a friend of mine named T who is a member here (IWSTI member "cerealkiller326"), was running a fun giveaway on Instagram for his company Saru Zoku, and I happened to be one of the lucky contest winners for the giveaway, The prize...a sweet Saru Zoku "All Monkey Business" Sticker!!

Thanks T for making my day, I don't have very good luck with these contests, but I got lucky and you made me feel very special :D

Here's a picture of the sweet sticker with a thank-you note attached to it from the man himself, T!

For those interested, T has a killer journal that has really progressed since he started it, and is one of my all-time favorites on here! He's got some really unique parts, such as his Liberal Front Grille, XS Power Battery Tray, Valenti Rear Taillights, and a sweet paint-job that has never been done before on a GR STi!
Here's a picture of his car:

You can check his journal out at this link:
cerealkiller326's IWSTI Journal

Be sure to give T a follow on Instagram:

T's Instagram

Moving on, so I follow a guy named Chris on Instagram who is the owner of JdmCainLab. Chris is a friend of mine, as we both share a passion for rare, JDM parts and can appreciate them for their fine details and rarity. Chris drives a MK4 Toyota Supra, and is focusing on the attention-to-detail parts that people like myself can appreciate. Here's a picture of his car, in the background, you can see an ARC box poking out :D :

So Chris posted a particular item on his feed that immediately caught my attention. I knew I had to have it when I saw it, given that it was made in 2001, and was only ever seen at the Tokyo Auto Salon being worn by the gentlemen who work at the company...did I give away too much info there :lol:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Top Secret Japan 2001 Edition Jacket!! I joke around when I say this but my car is getting too JDM for me, and to supplement this, I needed to play catch up and "JDMify" myself :p :rofl:

This is a collector's item jacket, and I will proudly and carefully wear it!
I was expecting this to sell very quickly, and with all of the stuff I purchased from the last update, I didn't have enough to pay for this expensive jacket, especially with the crappy CAD-US currency conversion rates. I expressed how much I wanted this jacket, and like all of my other rare, discontinued parts, it would be treated with the love and care, and will be appreciated for what it is! Chris felt the connection, and knew I was the right buyer for it and that it would be going to a good home!

Here's my review for Chris regarding this jacket:

Quality: 8/10 ... The jacket had some wear, but was in great condition considering it is from 2001 (15 year-old jacket).

Turnaround: 5/5 ... Turnaround time was very quick.

Communication: 10/10 ... Chris was great to deal with! He takes his business very seriously, and treats his clients as if they were his long-time customers.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... Chris shipped the jacket with plenty of packaging to ensure that it wouldn't get damaged during the shipping process.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm so happy that I have this jacket in my possession. I will cherish it for the masterpiece that it is, and I am so thankful that Chris was flexible in giving me some extra time to pay for the jacket! I look forward to getting more rare parts from him, and even some of our other prominent members on here like Quincy (IWSTI member "canadianwrxsti") have purchased some very very rare parts from [email protected], so buy with confidence!

Enjoy the pictures:

For those interested, here are Chris's social media outlets, be sure to give him a follow and message him for any needs you may have regarding super rare JDM goodies:

JDMCainLab Facebook Page
JDMCainLab Instagram

I also received my Ceramic Coated Killer B Motorsport 2-Bolt Headers and Cobb Catted Downpipe from Fireball Coatings. I'm very happy with how it turned out:

I then went to the Canadian International Auto Show in February with both my dad and uncle to celebrate my birthday. We go every year for my birthday as tradition, and we get to enjoy looking at all of the cars and relaxing!

Enjoy the pictures of some of my favorite cars at the show:

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by, stay tuned for the next update!
Here's a teaser picture because I know how much you all like them:


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Re: APS x KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

Were you happy with the Damd steering wheel bud, l thought it was a great mod when I fitted mine

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Re: APS x KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

Were you happy with the Damd steering wheel bud, l thought it was a great mod when I fitted mine
Oh I absolutely love the wheel Doug! In my books, it is a Must-Have, and I even regret not getting it sooner, especially since you touch the wheel every time you drive!

Hey everyone, I've got another update for you all :)

Ok so this is where things start to get very interesting for this build, and I'm very excited on how this, along with many of its other supportive parts will help transform the way this car drives and handles...wait, did I just give it away :lol: So lets see more about what I'm talking about by starting off with that teaser picture from the last update.

It was a picture of some Cusco instructions, hmmm I wonder for what part?

I'm proud to say it's the Cusco Front Member Power Brace (CUS 692 492 FM) !!! :D
I am currently in the process of buying more chassis braces for my car, and this was a great first addition to get the ball rolling on this plan. I ultimately want this car to be as aggressive of a ride as possible (especially since I hardly drive it), and I want to be able to have a much more connected feel to driving it, which is also part of the reason why I upgraded all of the drivetrain first before adding power. In my mind, this will help me learn the car and its maximums/extremities as much as I can with the stock power.

I purchased this brace back in February from my friend Brian (IWSTI member "belaud"), who was selling it as it wasn't compatible with his FMIC. The bonus was that it was only "used" to test-fit and see if it could fit, but unfortunately did not. This brace according to RallySportDirect "Will stiffen the front area of the vehicle chassis during hard cornering." I'm very excited for what this brace will do for my car and how turn-in will be improved!
On a side-note, Brian's car is definitely one of my favorite STi builds of all time, and in case you may not remember what car he drives, here it is...the Eggplant-Colored Varis GV STi known as the "Pooparu" :lol:

To see more of Brian's car, be sure to check out his journal here:
belaud's IWSTI Journal

Be sure to give Brian a follow on Instagram:
Brian's Instagram

Here's my review for Brian regarding this brace:

Quality: 8/10 ... There is a tiny bit of blue paint that may have been chipped off during the test-fit process, or even during the painting process, but other than that, it's perfect!

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... Brian shipped the product in its original Cusco plastic packaging, and shipping was quick, as Brian is also located in Canada.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... Just wanted to give a special thank-you to Brian for selling this brace to me! I was very excited to purchase this from him, and I'm super pleased with how the overall transaction went. He kept me in the loop constantly and I felt very comfortable buying from him.

Enjoy the pictures:

Let's take a minor break from braces; I bought something back in February that will really help maximize the amount of airflow that goes into the engine... TGV Deletes !! At the time, I had to decide between the beautiful IAG Billet TGV Deletes and Composite ones made by Zerolift. IAG makes a fantastic TGV delete kit, but for my build I decided to go with the Zerolift Composite ones given the fact that they are made of FRP, which will arguably better act as a "Thermal barrier between the Intake Manifold and Cylinder head to assist in keeping IATs low," as mentioned on Zerolift's website.

I purchased this from my friends over at Touge Tuning, and as always, they are a real pleasure to deal with! They had these available in stock, which bypassed the ordering and waiting process! Feel free to check them out at these links:

Touge Tuning Website
Touge Tuning Facebook Page
Touge Tuning Instagram
Touge Tuning Youtube Channel

Enjoy the pictures of the Zerolift Composite TGV Deletes:

Why don't we conclude this post by going back to the topic of braces. So there is a particular brace that I have been longing to get, but unfortunately was sold out everywhere. I literally called almost every shop in Canada and the United States to see if they had this brace available, yet no one did. I ended up contacting a company located in Portland, Oregon called Rallitek to see if they had this brace in stock, as I remember seeing them a couple years ago list it on Amazon.com. So I decided to try my luck seeing as again that was two years ago. They didn't have it at the front of the office area, so they decided to look hard in the back warehouse for me. I get a Facebook message shortly after the phone call from the guys at Rallitek showing a picture of the brace in stock and ready to be shipped out! Immediately, I told them get it ready for packaging because I'm ready to buy it!
To further build the suspense, this brace is currently one of the most difficult to get braces to get a hold of, and it is to my knowledge that I purchased the last available brand new one at that point in time back in February, as it may have been discontinued from future production!
So are you curious and anxious to find out which brace it is? Let me just say that this brace is the most updated version of its type, and will really help tighten up the car, especially the rear-end. Did that give it away?

GTSPEC Rear A-Brace Version 2!!!! :D

Before getting into the pictures, here's my review for the guys at Rallitek for this GTSPEC Rear A-Brace:

Quality: 10/10 ... These braces are extremely well built! The version two is the most aggressive brace of its kind. It features three connection points: lateral link, subframe and the differential.

Communication: 10/10 ... I'm very happy with the interaction between myself and the Rallitek team. They always had someone available for me to get in touch with, and were very friendly to deal with!

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... The item was very well packaged to ensure that it wasn't damaged during the shipping process, and it arrived very quickly from the U.S. to me in Canada!

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm beyond excited to have these braces in my possession! I can't wait to install these braces and get the car super tight and precise! I most importantly want to thank the Rallitek team for the prompt responses and getting this taken care of for me. I also appreciate you digging through the back warehouse to find these for me!

Be sure to check out Rallitek at these links:

Rallitek Website
Rallitek Facebook Page

Enjoy the pictures:

Here's a picture courtesy of Lachute Performance on Marc's journal showing the brace in action:

So all I'm going to say is that in that Lachute picture right above, one more part in that picture has recently been purchased, and it too at this point in time is extremely rare and discontinued.

Thanks as always for stopping by, and to conclude this post, really big things are coming for Gabby this summer, so please enjoy this double-whammy of a teaser :)


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Re: APS x KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

Some serious chassis tuning going on bud, have you poly bushed all your oem rubber ones ? Those tumbler deletes are a work of art.

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Re: APS x KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

Some serious chassis tuning going on bud, have you poly bushed all your oem rubber ones ? Those tumbler deletes are a work of art.
Lol thanks Doug, got plenty more stuff coming for chassis stuff...but now I might have said too much ;) Yup, all bushings for the drivetrain are poly'd-up or solid :D Thanks, I can't wait to get them installed!

Hey guys, it's update time :)

Last update I had mentioned about recently purchasing a rare, discontinued part that was in the underbody picture taken by Lachute.

The part that I bought is the Rear 4-Point Subframe Brace from GTSPEC!! This brace IMO is much better than the similar Cusco brace, as this has two more connecting points, whereas the Cusco version only connects both sides of the subframe together.

The really cool thing was how I found this brace. As I mentioned, it is rare and discontinued. I called the majority of performance shops in Canada, and the U.S., and no one seemed to have this in their inventory. I eventually stumbled upon an eBay ad from "EricsPerformanceParts," who had a brand new one available!! From my extensive research of scanning the market, it seemed to be the only one available, let alone being brand new, so I immediately bought it.

Here's my review for the guys at EricsPerformanceParts for this GTSPEC Rear 4-Point Subframe Brace:

Quality: 10/10 ... These braces are extremely well built! This has 4 connection points, making it the most aggressive brace of its kind.

Communication: 10/10 ... Very good to deal with. Prompt responses, and very attentive to ensuring that everything was taken care of.

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... The item was very well packaged to ensure that it wasn't damaged during the shipping process, and it arrived very quickly from the U.S. to me in Canada!

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I'm excited to have this brace installed in my car, because I've heard that it tightens up the rear end a fair bit! I had a very nice experience with Eric's Performance Parts, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again in the future!

Enjoy the pictures:

Ok so I'm super excited to address those two teaser pics from last update; lets start with the SUMMIT picture.

So for those of you who aren't familiar with SUMMIT-Racing Equipments, they are a manufacturer of chassis bracing, and are based in the UK. So what's interesting with this company is that they have the exact same design as the GTSPEC chassis braces! After a bit of research, the same manufacturer makes both, and the design is licensed out to both companies. Now SUMMIT's braces are more eye-catching than GTSPEC's braces...why? They sport a Halloween Orange finish, as opposed to GTSPEC's slate-color.

Alright, so now that we've gone over that, let me tell you, getting a hold of SUMMIT braces was quite difficult. No one in North America seemed to carry them, so over I turned to the European market where the company is located. Fortunately when Googling them and adding Europe at the end of the search, I quickly found one company called JCP Performance (Japan Car Parts), who is a major wholesaler of SUMMIT braces, along with other brands like Injen, Invidia, DEPO and STRI Racing. They are based in Holland, have a 9000 square-foot stocking facility, and have been in business for over 15 years, focusing on EVOs, WRXs, GTRs, and 350/370Zs.

Here is a tour of their facility in Holland:

So I had the pleasure to deal with [email protected] Performance and was inquiring about a brace that I've wanted for a VERY long time... Fender Braces!!! Ton advised me that they had only one SUMMIT Fender Brace in stock available, until they placed another order for more, so boy was I in luck. Immediately I told him I'd take the brace, and the rest is history. Funny enough with the time difference from here in Canada to Holland, when I placed the order, he quickly got it ready for shipment and the DHL courier had literally just arrived at the door, so the brace was shipped pretty much right when the transaction went through! :lol: :D

Before I get into the pictures, here is my review of [email protected] Performance for my SUMMIT-Racing Equipments Fender Braces:

Quality: 10/10 ... These braces are extremely well built! They will provide a much better improvement over the stock brace.

Communication: 10/10 ... Ton was a real pleasure to deal with! He was always available to communicate with, and ensured that I was kept in the loop the entire time. Out of all the shops I've dealt with, Ton is definitely one of my favorite people I've had the chance to interact with!

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... The item was very well packaged to ensure that it wasn't damaged during the shipping process, and it arrived very quickly from Holland to me in Canada!

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... I can't praise Ton enough for being such a great friend to me throughout this interaction. We got to know each other on a more personal level aside from just conducting the transaction. He shared information regarding the hard work he's invested into the business, and him being very attentive to the finer details of the car scene...sounds just like me! Ton even threw in some SUMMIT-Racing Equipments patches for my soon-to-be racing suit! I'm thrilled to get these fender braces installed, and feel the car turn-in tighter and handle more precisely. I'd advise anyone looking for GTSPEC braces to strongly consider SUMMIT-Racing Equipments braces, as they are in stock and ready to go at JCP Performance, not to mention getting fantastic customer service by [email protected]!

Be sure to check out JCP Performance at these links:

JCP Performance Website
JCP Performance Facebook Page

Enjoy the pictures:

So the last part of this update will address the final teaser picture from the last update I made, and that had to do with the DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft!!!

Yes that's right, I managed to scoop up a used DSS CF Driveshaft from my friend Yan who is a fellow IWSTI member whom you may be familiar of... "Yanbags." So long story short, Yan was parting out his STi for another car, and I noticed he was getting rid of his DSS CF Driveshaft. I quickly messaged him and managed to close the deal, as his price was more than fair for a slightly used DSS CF Driveshaft.

Before I get into the pictures, here is my review of Yan for my DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft:

Quality: 7.5/10 ... The carbon fiber part of the driveshaft was in great condition. Only reason this didn't receive an 8 or higher was due to the slight surface rust on the brace, and the DSS sticker on the brace slightly showing some peeling. At the end of the day, the DSS CF Driveshaft still works perfectly, which is all I care about :D

Communication: 10/10 ... Yan was great to deal with. He was prompt with his responses when we interacted over Facebook, and he ensured that I knew exactly what I was getting without any surprises of when it arrived to me. I would most definitely purchase parts again from Yan!

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5 ... The item was very well packaged to ensure that it wasn't damaged during the shipping process. Yan wrapped up the driveshaft with several layers of foam-wrap, to ensure it was secure and carefully protected.

Overall Experience: 10/10 ... Super happy to have had the opportunity to purchase this driveshaft from Yan. I can't wait to get this installed and reap all of the benefits I've read here on IWSTI regarding the driveshaft. Thanks again Yan, and all the best with the new car, you will always be a part of this journal, and a friend of mine!

Enjoy the pictures:

As always, thank-you for stopping by! To conclude this post, enjoy this teaser of some cool things coming for next update...lets just say that my car is going under the knife immediately when it comes out of storage (took place in late April) :D


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Re: DSS x KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

Enjoy the Summit Racing fender braces. I have the same ones and they are great!

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Re: DSS x KillerB x IAG x DAMD x Recaro x Varis x Greddy - Alex Introduces...Gabby

That's a lot of corrosion...the DS is new, unused? May want to see what DSS has to say. You should not be receiving brand new parts in that condition.

If you really don't care, clean it up and hit it with some rust-adhering/preventing paint.

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