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Usually the BBQ should come out of the Exhaust, not the Engine Bay :smash:

Glad your car didn't end up crispy like the Subaru back at the German Time Attack last year.

Hope you get the car running again soon.
...and be finally able to DRIVE and not WRENCH all the time. :)

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While many started their Canada Day celebrations early, I was in the shop pulling the motor and we have seen a few pics of my car without a motor so for most this wont be a unusual sight lol.

First picture shows where fire #2 was, I didn't even see this one, the one I seen was on the uppipe and the scars can be found on the wrap on the downpipe which is now black.
20170701_114630 by David, on Flickr

The fire retardant solution was a great cleaner... so I thought until I seen under the motor which was a fucking mess. Oil everywhere.
20170701_132454 by David, on Flickr

20170701_141452 by David, on Flickr

20170701_141456 by David, on Flickr

lets check out the damage, I know thats why we are all here right now.
20170701_144225 by David, on Flickr

20170701_161626 by David, on Flickr

20170701_144220 by David, on Flickr

20170701_161620 by David, on Flickr

20170701_161615 by David, on Flickr

So thoughts on my end right now from what I am seeing are that there was an oil starvation situation, when? not sure but I suspect on the dyno and the main line to the motor from the drysump system either fully or partially collapsed and when hitting the track it gave up. No ones fault but my own for not using the best of the best line for that. I will ask Chris to pull the block itself apart to see what he thinks and move on.

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Currently waiting to hear back from Chris at Touge, they are a bit busy with moving shops. Thoughts right now are a IAG CD, stage ?.

things I need to be checked and or repaired other than the shortblock:

injectors-cleaned and tested
heads checked
cams checked
oil pump replaced
Turbo checked (possibly rebuilt)
drysump pump inspected
drysump pan fixed or replaced
drysump lines replaced

here are some more pictures of the damaged found today.
20170702_135630 by David, on Flickr

20170702_150957 by David, on Flickr

20170702_135625 by David, on Flickr

20170702_140107 by David, on Flickr

quick flyby of the underside of the car.... I was bored after cleaning the engine bay.
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