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Hey Everyone,

I thought I would add my build since I have been on here for a while and have been working on this build for a while now. She has gone through a few different stages to get where she is now and its not done.


I want to make a car capable of competing in the local road race and time attack events with the end result hitting Targa NF for at least one go at it since I am not made out of money lol and It's on the other side of the country haha.

Special thanks to:
Chris @Touge Tuning
Mark @MSI
Ryan @VEX
Sasha @Onpoint Tuning
Sunny @Airboy Tuning

Car is a 2004 Silver STi
230,000 km on the body

Wasp CF Race Splitter
Wasp CF Canards
Wasp CF Trunk Skin
Custom CF headlight deletes
Custom CF diffuser
ChargeSpeed CF brake ducts
Simon McBeath CF SM183 Wing 1740mm
ABW Fender Flares
3M flat grey wrap

Stripped and Gutted
Gutted Doors
AIM MXL Strada dash
AIM SmartyCam
ATI Gauge pod
Beatrush division plate

Safety Gear
Sparco Circuit II Seat
Sparco 6 point harness
Sparco Hub adapter
Sparco quick release
Sparco R353 steering wheel
Adidas Climacool balaclava
Adidas Adistar gloves
Adidas Daytona race boots
Adidas Climacool race suit
Sitlo ST4W Carbon
Armtech Hybrid Battery Isolator
OMP CMFST 1 fire suppression system

Garrett GTX3076 Tial hotside
ETS rotated Kit
Tial MV-R 44mm Waste Gate
Cosworth Fuel Rails
Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator
Radium Fuel Surge Tank w/Walbro 400 LPH
DW200 In Tank Lift Pump
CP Pistons
Eagle Rods
ACL Race Bearing kit
ARP Head Studs Kit
Custom Side exit exhaust
MAPerformace stage 3 PnP Heads
SuperTech Buckets with WPC Treatment
GSC stg 1 Cams with WPC Treatment
Mishimoto Aluminum Rad
Element Tuning Dry Sump
Cosworth High Pressure pump WPC Treated
Gates timing belt
FMS steel braided clutch line
IAG steel braided AVCS lines with GT turbo line
TIC Composite TGV's
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs One Step Colder
Okada Projects Plasma Direct Coil Packs
Okada Projects Plasma Spark

ACPT Carbon Friber Driveshaft
MapDccD Controller
OS Giken R3C Triple Plate Clutch
OS Giken Super Lock Rear Diff
Racecomp Engineering Tarmac 2
Q-Rack 9.1 ratio Steering Rack
Whiteline KBR20-24 Sway Bar Mount Kit
Whiteline Ball Joints
Whiteline 24mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
TSSFAB Tubular Transmission X-Member
TIC Front Fender Braces
TIC Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
TIC/KARTBOY Super Shifter Kit
Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount
MSI Motorsport Front & Rear Camber Plates
MSI Circuit Tubular Front Engine Cradle W/Nascar Style Sway Bar
MSI Motorsport End Links Front and Rear
MSI Trailing Arms with Bearings
MSI Billet Adjustable Lateral Links
MSI Circuit Tubular Rear Subframe 2" Correction
MSI T-Brace Delete
MSI N12 Front Control Arms
MSI Solid Billet Engine Mounts
MSI Tie Rod Ends
MSI DSS Kit Motorsport Version with Bearing

ALCON BBK 6pot 365mm front
ALCON BBK 4pot 353mm rear
Pagid Front RS29 Pads
Pagid Rear RS29 pads
Goodridge braided brake lines
TIC Master Cylinder Brace

Motul 300V 15w50
Motul RBF 660
Distilled water
94 Oct fuel


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Re: Funk32's Build

I have done all the work myself minus the super important things like motor(B2 Tuning),tuning(AirBoy tuning),cage.

here are some pics of parts and different states of the car since I first got it;

b2 tuning by Funk32, on Flickr

Stage 3 maperformance heads by Funk32, on Flickr

This is the motor after it was built and using my original setup
complete long block ready to go in by Funk32, on Flickr

parts install day
parts to put on by Funk32, on Flickr

P2140107 by Funk32, on Flickr

MSI Control arms
P3210118 by Funk32, on Flickr

Edmonton-20120604-00006 by Funk32, on Flickr

msi engine mount1 by Funk32, on Flickr

PC180225 by Funk32, on Flickr

test fitting before the car leaves for cage installation
P1010254 by Funk32, on Flickr

P1010248 by Funk32, on Flickr

what happens when you rush taking out the windows (only the rear broke lol)
P1010249 by Funk32, on Flickr

TSSFAB Front frame
P1070274 by Funk32, on Flickr

few parts that came in
P3290301 by Funk32, on Flickr

P5260333 by Funk32, on Flickr

the mess before she left for the cage
P5260334 by Funk32, on Flickr

how my basement looks hahah
P5260335 by Funk32, on Flickr

More nice Parts from MSI
P5280336 by Funk32, on Flickr

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Funk32's Build

Haha, you were right, almost identical.

Awesome project!

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Re: Funk32's Build

here is a video of the car.. little story behind the crappy driving, I melted the ewg boost ref line so it was on free spool lol crazy, when it happened I was coming out of turn 1 and she started screaming so a quick check of the boost gauge was showing maxed out (max is 30psi).

so I went out again just to take a friend for a joy ride and she put her gopro right at the hood scoop, all I was trying to do is keep the car at around 25psi or less. Yes I know she sounds weird and its the only one I know that sounds like it.

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Re: Funk32's Build

In for updates

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Re: Funk32's Build

Not right now, currently out of down with work. I am told the cage is at about 99% lol just some finishing touches.

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Re: Funk32's Build

some more pics of the cage build, should have her back tomorrow and I will get much better pics.

I have 50% of the measurements I need to complete the lashing and then I can put the motor back together and start saving for the damn dry sump.
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