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Asking price is $29,000 (also interested in trading for a 15+ STI)
Located in Kingsport TN.
PM me to reach me
current mileage is 40,300 (will go up... I drive it weekly)

After careful consideration I've decided to part ways with my CR. I've owned the car for 4.5 years and it has been a GREAT car. I've had a ton of adventures with it and made a lot of wonderful memories.
The time has come however that I feel I have reached the limit on what is attainable without heavy modification (forced induction, heavy fender modification)which I just can't bring myself to do to a CR. For the moment I'm selling the car the way it sits(with stock parts included also). If I have zero interest after awhile I will part it out and sell it stock.

What is currently on the car.
Ohlins DFVs (12k swift front, moved 10k front to rear)
Volk CE28N 17X9 +63 front with 17X10 +70 rear (the rear wheel is a VERY rare size) They are professionally painted gloss black, I left the barrels gunmetal because I liked the contrast. When I had them painted I installed new OEM Volk stickers. They include the Carbon Fiber center caps.
Maxxis RC-1 tires 255/40R17 front and 275/35R17 rear (80% tread left). (traction control and stability DOES work with this setup)
5Zigen forged aluminum locking lugs with key.
ASM style strut tower bar and Xbrace.
Spoon style front subframe Xbrace.
Innovative differential bushings
Beatrush rear subframe brace.
SLIGHT roll on the fenders and rear bumper tab relocated.
3 month old Centric premium rotors.
Project MU 800+ pads front and rear.
AP1 clutch slave cylinder

HP mods

K&N intake
PLM header
Invidia 60mm test pipe
Hondata Flash Pro with Gernby E-tune

Dress up
PWJDM RED washer bolts, valve cover bolts, drain plug bolts, radiator stays, solenoid cover.
carbon fiber spark plug cover
HKS oil cap
Alloy Craft cooling plate

JS2K clear reflectors
OEM plate delete plugs
JS2K keyhole covers
Perrin shorty antenna
E-bay rear center diffuser
Downforce DF-R rear canards (plastidipped flat black.. don't like carbon)
E-bay side skirts
Flush Integra smoked side markers
Wasp composite CR lip protector (discontinued)
5K XB2 headlights
Diode Dynamics LED turn signals and interior lights. (relay installed.. no hyperflash)
Sony bluetooth head unit.

I will be including the stock parts and some aftermarket parts I never installed

A list in no particular order.

Swift springs installed on CR shocks
2 Ohlins 8K springs (in case you want to go back to the softer rates)
OEM CR springs
OEM CR rear sway bar
Science of Speed braided brake lines
CR OEM tool kit
The plastic covers that complete the tonneau cover with the hardtop off.
All removed nuts and bolts and radiator stays for PWJDM stuff.
OEM header
OEM Catalytic Converter
OEM intake
OEM head unit
Owners Manual
OEM antenna
OEM spark plug cover
OEM rear subframe brace
OEM oil cap
1 extra Volk CE28 repair sticker
OEM headlight blulbs
2 OEM keys (1 unused in perfect condition) and 2 valet keys.

All the above will be included in the sale. The car is in really great shape to be 8 years old. It did however get some hail damage in 2014 that was all fixed PDR and it was a PERFECT job, no weirdness or waveyness. It's black so it would be noticeable. Unfortunately while it was at the shop having the hail damage repaired an idiot kid backed into it in the parking lot in a truck and did damage to the left rear fender over the tire. It was fixed there and I'm happy to say the paint is smoother than Hondas. That damage was probably never reported so will probably not show up on any Carfax. There is also a small timing chain cover oil leak. It's small enough that I've really not felt like fixing it. There are also a lot of small chips in front of both the rear tires from gravels, I bought the side skirts hoping to reduce that some. I tried to get a pic of it, but it's impossible. There is a scratch on the rear fender with 2 chips (pictured). It happened at the gym, I'm guessing gym bag zipper or something.
There is a lot right with this car also. The interior is in GREAT shape. It has 0 door dings, I always try to park in BFE. No yellowing on the headlights. Never burns any oil. AC and heat are perfect. I have kept up with all maintenance either on schedule or early. I use AMSOIL diff fluid and engine oil, and Honda MTL for the tranny.

I've given an accurate description as I can. If you feel I've left anything out or forgotten something just PM me :). I feel the asking price is fair to the buyer and to the seller for what it is and for everything included, however if you feel I've priced it too high just PM me and let me know and let me know why you feel that way. Thank you for taking the time to look at my ad and have a GREAT day!



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