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I'm posting this up for a friend...please send PM's to BoostinREX

I bought the Chargespeed V2 Full Body Kit brand new. $1,580.00.

It was on my car for 6 months. In great condition. No Digs/dents/scratches. Only thing is the corners by the tires. Tires kick up dirt, rocks, whatever is on the road and chipped some of the paint. (very minor)

$1,580.00 For the kit + $700.00 To get a base, 2 coats of paint and a sealer = $2,280.00

The kit is painted PSM. (Platinum Silver Metallic)

It will fit 2004 + WRX/STi.

Lookin for $1,000.00


PM BoostinREX

Pics will be posted in a coupe of days.

Located on Long Island.

If buyer is out of state:

1. I will drive halfway to the following states: New York, Jew Jersey, Conneticut.
2. If buyer is not in one (1) of these states, You will need to drive majority of the way.

Payment as follows:

Cash only upon pick-up. No checks.

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Here is some more info on the kit:

Go to my Webshots site:


There is 14 pics. If you would like any more or any other pics, just let me know.

When you view some of the pics, there are captions. Especially on the side skirts. The Grill needs to just be re hooked up. It came undone when removing. Like i said, the only things are the paint wearing off the side skirts. (where the wheelwell is) If you look at the front bumper, those are not scratches. Those are dead bugs. I will wash, clay bar, wax, and then spray detail if you decide to take this.

I spent just under $2,500 on everything. So this is a steal for someone who has a PSM 04 + WRX/STi. Saving them (or you) $1500 and the burden of having to leave the car at a paint place to get it put on and painted. Those areas where the paint is worn down, you can get touch up paint from SubaruGenuineParts.com

Im lookin to sell this ASAP.

Like I said, if you are in NY, NJ, or CT, I will meet you half way, I'll take $100.00 off the price.

If I have to drive all the way to your house (in the 3 mentioned states) there will be no price drop.

If I have to ship it, the price will be $1,000 and I will take care of the shipping cost.

If I have to ship it, Money Order is the only way to purchase it.

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