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Hello everyone!
I am selling a 2012 Subaru wrx sti, it has 90K miles and a rebuilt title.
Background info: I purchased this car 5 years ago with a rebuilt title. The car at the time was in mint condition and was properly rebuilt. Based off the Carfax info and 3rd party inspection, I was comfortable purchasing the vehicle. Since then I have made it my dream car and invested over 7K in upgrades.
I was in a small accident a few months ago, minor fender damage. I purchased all new parts (bumpers,headlights,fenders) from Subaru and had all the work done by qualified body shop. The work looks amazing and the car looks new.
The reason why I am selling is because I just diagnosed the engine with a bad head gasket. I purchased the test and it came back positive. It is still running but it will need to be replaced. While for many this would be a time to finish the build and drop in some forged piston and make 500+ to the wheels, I find my self moving into the next stage of my life and need something with more utility, thus why I am putting it up for sale as is. For some this may be the perfect opportunity to get into an STI at a reasonable price and for others possibly their next track car, either way I am sure someone will give her the love and attention she deserves.
  • Full JL Audio System $1000
  • Head unit, door speakers and custom JLw6 box
  • Cobb stage 2 $2500
  • Intake,Exhaust.Boost Controller, Access port
  • Blouch 1.5 xtr Turbo $1645
  • Dyno tune $350 (360 whp)
  • ACL Stage 4 Heavy Duty Clutch $567
  • DeatschWerks Bosch EV14 Fuel Injectors Top Feed 1200cc $549
  • GrimmSpeed and Turbosmart 38/40mm EWG 3-Bolt Uppipe Blue Wastegate Kit $672.87
  • Crawford Airfuel Seperator $337
How much ?
From my market assessment, 2012 Stock STI’s with clean titles and the same miles go for around 20-21k, with the aftermarket parts I have seen them go for around 25-27k.
That being said, there is obviously a reduction in price since it’s a rebuilt title and the head gasket is going bad.

Therefore, I am asking 12,500 OBO.

If you are interested please let me know!

Video of the car running:
PDF File with listing and more pictures is attached (STI FOR SALE.pdf):
Picture Below:







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