TiC SST coilovers for 05+ GD STI’s (05-07, 5x114.3 hub).

$1500USD or $2000CAD

  • Yes, will ship
  • 11-12k KM’s or 6500-7500 miles
  • Never rebuilt (mileage is too low)

These are extremely smooth, long travel coilovers that are probably the best street suspension setup for the GD STI’s, and still very track capable (but would recommend cranking up the front and rear spring rates in that case). Selling because I moved up to a 3-way track setup which are in a totally different league from these.

  • 8k front Swift springs
  • 6k rear Swift springs
  • Helper springs on all four corners
  • RCE lowering camber plates up front
  • GT Worx camber plates in the rear

These are a custom valved AST 4100 damper setup along with TiC’s input on the springs (which included having the very long 9” 60mm diameter springs). TiC sold these for a while until they sold out, and that was it. Only the rare used set comes up, but otherwise these are few and far between.

These are in decent condition, showing some wear and tear as expected. Never seen any snow or freezing temps, just daily use. These were recently dry ice blasted to clean them up and then fully coated in a “honey seal” wax coating (good for 3-5 years) to prevent any further rusting or corrosion.

Here is detailed info direct from TiC:

TiC SST Coilovers
Single adjustable Street + occasional Track

When we're not happy with something we're the type of guys who fix that. We're not content to sit around and wonder or bench race or dream. Instead we get to work.

Coilovers were no exception. We saw a gap in the market. That gap was created by either technical lacking of current coilovers on the market or by exorbitant prices of what we felt was good.

So we started working the problem, and the first one we started work was for the guys who daily drive their Impreza, but occasionally like to tear it up at the track.

First up was dampers - we were aware of AST for a long long time, and liked what they had to offer. So we partnered with AST-USA to work out the dampers. After trial and error, much number crunching, testing, reworking, retesting, more number crunching, and even testing by independent 3rd party we came up with something that made us happy.

Next was springs - we weren't happy with the amount of travel the common choices allowed. So we went with Swift springs. These are by far some of the finest coilover springs made anywhere. From the wire size, the stroke available, the linearity (20-80% vs 30-70% common to most other brands), the fewer amount of coils and the weight these were the clear choice when it came to choosing a spring.

Then we worked the little stuff like the perches, the heights, the bumpstops, the dust boots, the helper springs and all the little things.
All of this took months of work, and many thousands of dollars. In the end we put together a coilover solution that we feel is one of the finest available for your Impreza, and we're able to offer it for what we feel is a pretty good price. We've been very happy with the setup that we've worked out, and we think you will be too.

What you get:
  • Custom valved to TiC specification AST rebound adjustable height adjustable dampers
  • Longest damper stroke of any common street setup we've been able to find
  • Swift mainsprings
  • Swift helper springs
  • Custom made TiC front perches to allow for more travel
  • AST competition bumpstops
  • Rubber accordion style dust boots

The few more details:

These are NOT for slamming your car!!! If that's all you're interested in then go elsewhere. These were designed and massaged with performance being the foremost thought in our minds. Since Imprezas actually handle worse when slammed then we didn't even consider tucking the tires.
Dampers - 12 "clicks" of adjustment
Total front damper stroke - 164mm (6.46")
Total rear damper stroke - 190mm (7.48")