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I’m selling my 2005 STI. I’ve decided to move on to different projects.

The car has 85.5k miles and increasing very slowly, I rarely drive the car anymore.

List of parts:
-Kartboy short shifter
-South Bend Clutch stage 2 daily
-BaysonR V style front lip
-‘07 STI limited rear spoiler. Car will come with 2 trunks, one with the limited spoiler, and the stock one with the OEM wing. If you only want one thats fine too.
-Grimmspeed catted downpipe
-MAPerformance equal length headers
-Crawford Performance Air Oil Separator
-FEAL 441 coilovers
-’17 STI 18” wheels with OEM Dunlops
-Tune by Vladituned, perfect tune, never had any issues, zero knock. Have logs to prove it. Probably pushing around 310whp, but it hasn’t been on a dyno.
-AEM wideband, DEFI boost/oil temp/oil pressure gauges.
-Cobb catback exhaust
-Speakers were upgraded, and there is a small subwoofer in the trunk, but it’s an STI. It’s a terrible place to listen to music.

Vehicle has been maintained by me (ASE certified tech, if you’re nervous about that), timing belt and water pump were replaced by me at 65k miles in 2015. OEM parts. Spark plugs replaced last year, around 80k miles. I can dig up emails/receipts of the parts if you so desire. Mechanically this car has been perfect, has never given me any trouble, even when I used it as a DD to get to school and work everyday. It is still on the original engine. With that said, do not expect a perfect body. The car has dings and scratches, mostly on the doors. Everywhere else is pretty solid. Interior is really good for a 15 year old car IMO.

The car was in one accident, I hit a deer on the way home in 2015. The front end suffered extensive damage, but the car was not totaled and the title is clean. About 6 months after that, some idiot in a truck backed into me, putting a dent in my hood. That was repaired as well. I have the carfax in hand as well, if you want to see it.

Will include OEM headers, downpipe, PCV parts (from the AOS install), spare MAF, and all of the parts to replace the valve cover gaskets, including IAG half moon seals.

I don’t really have a problem with anyone driving the car, as long as you have cash in hand.

I’m starting at $17500, $1000 dollars under kbb average for a decent STI. I will definitely accept reasonable offers, I am feeling out the market right now, but I am not in any hurry to sell the car.
If you want the car to be put back to stock, that is also an option, but I’m keeping the parts, and the price will not change.

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