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fs: alpine sbr-102cr 10" sub/enclosure

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hi guys. i just purchased this brand new item on an ebay auction.


the manufacturer page is here:


the bummer is i completely misjudged its size. i need something smaller. i the rest of my audio system is on its way, so i haven't installed this item nor connected it to anything; i.e. it's totally unused.

yeah, my ebay name is "faeces". don't ask. (at least there was no risk it would be taken. :) )

if anyone is interested, please let me know. it retails for $280. i'll sell it for the auction price, but will ship and insure anywhere in the US for free. i'll put it up for auction in a few days if no one here takes it. thanks guys/gals.
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how long would i have to wait if i order one now

What's wrong with how big it is? I've been looking at that exact enclosure....only in a 12".
Sorry to hear that man. If it was a 12". I would snag it from you in a heartbeat.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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