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The car is sold. Thank you.

Something I thought wouldn't happen for a long time has come, and I'm putting my 2005 WRB STi up for sale. Hard to believe I'm doing it, but here we are.

Asking Price: Well let's get this out of the way now as I'm sure this will be a point of contention - I am looking for $30k or close to that. This price is a starting point but may change based on what parts you want, such as the wheels/tires, and the S203wing/trunklid; I realize I may have a hard time at that price but it will take the right buyer and I'm certainly not going to sell to someone who's not going to appreciate or take care of the car. DO NOT even bother low-balling me, because I will either mock you or ban you to the shadow realm. I'm not interested in trades.

Year, Make and Model: 2005 Subaru WRX STi
Color: WRB
Miles: 33,200
Title: clean and in-hand
Location: Omaha, NE
VIN: JF1GD70655L503843
Contact method: PM first or comment here
Link to journal: GD: - Baron's '05 STi journal - Carbon bits installed

Background information: I am the second owner of the car and bought it in May 2012 from Subaru of Gainesville in Florida. There are no accidents and it has a clean title, which I have in-hand. The car had 28k miles on it and was completely stock. During my time of ownership, I have put a lot of time, effort, and resources into it and have garaged it 100% of the time. Being from Florida, there's the perk of it not having any rust at all. Needless to say, this is a nice weather car only and over the almost eight years I've had the car, I've only been caught in the rain a few times; not that that's important to most people, but should show how well I've taken care of the car. I have driven it more over the last season than I have most years, but I assure you, it did get driven and didn't just sit and rot although I wish I would have been able to drive it a bit more.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm meticulous and do things right. I have always changed fluids, and kept up with regular maintenance outside most of the items that were addressed when I built the motor. The entire journey of the car is detailed in my build thread, but in case you haven't seen it or don't want to visit it, I'll try to be brief here. Over the time I've had it, I've added and taken from the car in the form of parts and whatnot, but I embarked on the motor build in summer of 2015 and completed it in late fall of 2017. It took two years unfortunately for various reasons, but everything was done right and I didn't cut corners at all with this car. You can see the mod list below, but I always bought legit parts, no reps or fakes since I like genuine stuff. It's never been smoked in or even hard-launched. Interior is mostly stock and there are no rips/tears in anything. The airbag recall was performed by a local well-known Subaru dealer.

The shortblock is built and closed-decked by IAG with new, forged parts. Everything put into the motor was new except for the case halves, crank, head castings, and valvetrain because they were in perfect usable shape and the 04/05 blocks are known for being stout and strong from a metallurgical perspective. The heads were worked on by a local longtime machine shop and also IAG. After getting the shortblock back, everything else was done and installed by me, so I know it was done right and done meticulously. I was never trying to shoot for crazy power, but instead more for safe power and drivability. That being said though my plan(and still is if I decide to keep it) was to eventually add a larger stock location turbo and some more supporting parts, so it is built for 600whp and needs very little more to do that. It is still on 93 at the moment and has been exclusively tuned by my friend jazTuning, who is well known on here and other forums. The car made 300whp/[email protected] on a Mustang dyno back in August 2018. Even though I had no issues with heat soak, it was a rather hot day with less than ideal shop airflow, so we think the car is closer to 320-330whp on the street. Pretty healthy numbers for 93 and a VF39 IMHO.

I have a stack of documents and a logbook in which I've recorded a lot about the car, even when installing parts. I have Blackstone oil analyses from every oil change. I have boxes for a lot of the big parts on the car, and I have several stock parts I removed as well. The car will come with a lot of stuff, but it depends on what you want. This can all be talked about in dealings if you are serious. Unfortunately I'm not going to allow any test drives until the nice weather, but I think it's going to take a long time to find a buyer anyways. There are no issues with the car and I would rate the paint as 8.5-9/10. There are some small blemishes, but for a car this age and it having a paint job from Subaru, it is quite good. I get compliments on the car nearly every time I have it out, especially on how clean it is.

Reason for selling: I'm in no rush to sell, so I am fine with waiting for the right buyer. I'm happy with the car as it is, however I've decided to sell because the car doesn't make me happy anymore for personal reasons and it now has memories that I'd rather move on from. I'm also looking to get the process started on finding an R34 GTR ASAP and storing it til I can bring it over and before prices get more out of control as we close in on the first legal imports hitting the US in the next few years. This will go towards that goal. I got the car to a state I'm happy with and I decide to sell, how ironic.

Dyno video:

Added Equipment:

Cobb AP tuning by jazTuning


Motul 300V 5w-40
DEI Reflect-A-Gold - heat shield and TMIC
Block machine work, crank polish, dynamic balance, and assembly by IAG Performance
Head resurfacing by IAG Performance
Closed-deck conversion by IAG Performance
Powdercoating by Trail Performance - Papillion, NE
Headwork and valve job by Daly's Machine Co. - Omaha, NE
Turbo rebuild service, coated turbine housing, and upgraded billet compressor wheel by Pavel @ PRE Tuning
ARP 2000 head studs
Cobb 3-port EBCS
Cobb turbo heat shield
Cobb XLE BPV w/GrimmSpeed BPV gasket
CSF Cooling 3076 performance radiator
Denso U-Groove K20HR-U11 spark plugs - gapped to 0.027in
Flex Innovations grounding kit
GrimmSpeed manual boost controller
GrimmSpeed VF series wastegate bracket
IAG StreetSeries AOS system
JE ProSeal 0.039in headgaskets - 100mm
KillerB oil baffle tray
KillerB oil pickup tube
KSTech 73mm cold air intake w/AMSoil EAAU3570 cone filter
LIC Motorsports aluminum head plugs
King MB5382XPG main bearings
King CR4125XPGSTDX rod bearings
Manley Turbo Tuff 99.75mm 8.5:1 C/R forged pistons
Manley Turbo Tuff I-beam forged rods w/ARP 2000 bolts
Motive AutoWerks composite top-feed TGV deletes
New 06+ STi OEM oil pan
New OEM 10mm oil pump
New OEM water pump
New OEM Subaru crank pulley, valve cover gaskets, timing belt, timing components, brackets and other hardware/gaskets
PTP turbo blanket
Perrin throttle body coupler
Subtle Solutions alternator cover
Subtle Solutions radiator cover
Tomei timing belt guide
Tomei silicone turbo inlet
Torque Solution billet radiator stays
Torque Solution billet pitch stop arm
Turn In Concepts FU Cam bolts
Wix 57712 oil filter

Fuel System

'07 OEM STi top-feed rails
DeatschWerks DW301 340lph fuel pump - hardwired
Earl's Pro-Lite Ultra 350 hose and Earl's fittings
FueLab 51502 FPR and gauge
Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
iWire Services fuel pump hardwire kit
New OEM fuel filter
Tomei FPR adapter


All pre-turbo exhaust components coated by SwainTech - TBC-EX White Lightning coating
Blitz Nur Spec Touring CBE
GrimmSpeed PnP OEM exhaust manifolds
GrimmSpeed Hi-Flow crosspipe
GrimmSpeed Hi-Flow 38mm EWG uppipe
TiAL MV-S blue-top 38mm EWG
Tomei Expreme Ver.2(two-piece) bellmouth catless downpipe
GrimmSpeed/Tomei/Blitz gaskets
Blitz/Tomei/OEM exhaust hangers


New Subaru OEM flywheel
South Bend Stage 2 Daily clutch kit
Subaru Extra-S 75w-90 gear oil
Subaru OEM LSD oil

Suspension/Handling/Chassis and Settings

Cusco 22mm sway bar - front
Cusco 22mm adjustable sway bar - rear
Cusco front endlinks
Fortune Auto 510's Version 6 - 9k/8k Swift springs, rear adjustment extenders
Fortune Auto camber plates - F/R
Kartboy front and rear stay shifter bushings
Kartboy solid rear endlinks
Koyo sealed radial bearings - front
STi GrpN motor mounts
SuperPro RCA kit
Whiteline rear sway bar mounts
Whiteline PU sway bar bushings - F/R
Torque Solution shift linkage bushings


AMS stainless steel brake lines - F/R
ATE Super Blue brake fluid
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R - 255/40/17
Cosworth Streetmaster brake pads - F/R
DBA 4000 ClubSpec T3 slotted rotors - F/R
RAYS Volk Racing CE28Ns - 17x9 +45 - bronze
RAYS 17HEX lugs - black
SSR Type C RS - 17x8.5 +48 - anthracite grey
WORK RS closed-end lugs - blue and red


Bad Mutha's custom front plate delete w/Totsubo mounts
ChargeSpeed Bottom Line carbon fiber side skirts
ChargeSpeed Bottom Line carbon fiber rear skirts
JDM genuine S203 wing and repainted JDM STi trunk lid
JDM Subaru multicolor crystal ion fog lamps w/HeadLight Armor clear film protectors
JDM Subaru WRB fog lamp surrounds and covers
JDM genuine Subaru V-Limited lip
JDM-style taillight "mod"
Kansai Service carbon fiber diffuser
LED license plate bulbs
Matte carbon fiber-wrapped roof
Philips Xtreme Vision 85126XV D2R bulbs
RallyArmor UR black flaps w/grey lettering
Tein hood dampers
35% front/20% rear tint
4 inch blue vinyl windshield visor
Debadged except for a few STi badges and stars in grill
New weatherstripping on wing and hoodscoop
Lens restore and amber removal by Lightwerkz


AutoMeter Sport-Comp digital gauges - boost, oil pressure
AutoMeter ES digital wideband AFR
FastWRX OEM-style dead pedal
JDM red hazard switch
JPM Coachworks black alcantara shift boot w/red stitching
Pioneer AVH-P1400 dual-din head unit
OEM-style WRXtra 52mm 3 gauge pod
WC LatheWerks titanium-blued shift knob(weighted!)
WC LatheWerks brushed stainless steel reverse ring
Those rare blue floor mats with the STi logo on them

First, some pics as it sits now and some other ones over time:


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Bump. It should be noted that almost all the major parts such as suspension, engine, and exhaust all have the same mileage on them as once I started the build, it took two years 'til I finished, all while accumulating the parts, during which time the car didn't move, so the car rolled with a bunch of parts at the same time. That mileage is 2,539 as stated above.

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That is beautiful. GLWS! If you need to part out to reduce price im in Omaha and would snag some parts off of you.

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I had someone come look at it a couple days ago, and it sounds like he might be making a serious offer within the next week or so, but we'll see.

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If the sale has not been finalized drop me a line . Cash buyer. 208-716-8527. Jon

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New owner came and picked the car up. It was not easy letting it go. Thanks for the support everyone.
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