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so since this new service on the for sale section drove me INSANE trying to post this, here is my eBay listing for my OEM STI struts out of my 2008 STI. At 6-9k miles (don't recall) I put a set of Tein S.Tech lowering springs on it. They were great, but when I started to become interested in road racing I decided to buy a set of Tein Coilovers. So in total, the 08 STI struts have around 20k miles or so, and springs less than 10k miles. You cannot even buy JUST the Tein springs for what im selling ALL OF THIS for!! $200! yes that's no typo lol. For the WRX guys this is a great upgrade for the price of typical ebay lowering springs... Somebody jump on this deal, Im just cleaning out our shop and want them gone! We are in a slightly smaller space now and a whole lot of stuff has to go!

Here is the link - 08' OEM STI Struts w/ Tein S.Tech Springs $200!!


any questions, shoot me an email [email protected] :) (and yes I just noticed the typo- one of my guys who made the ad put '2009 STI', it is an 08' although the two are identical.)
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