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Friend is looking at this STI For Sale, opinions?

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FS: 2005 Subaru Impreza STi

My friend has been in search of a GD sti in the 15+/- price range with around 100k miles or less, somewhere in the southeast, as he's in SC. What does everyone think of the one posted from Jacksonville craigslist? Obviously he's going to drive it before purchasing, but it seems like it's had proper maintenance and looks pretty clean.

I told him, obviously other than the test drive, to check for any and all service receipts, especially verifying the tb/wp change at around 100k.
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Compression test is a must. Find an indy shop near the seller and set up an appointment and get the compression checked out. I would also see if that shop offers a pre-purchase inspection, which they'll make a list of what needs to be fixed or maintained at that mileage (can also help with negotiating the final sale price).
Thanks for the tips guys. I completely spaced on telling him about compression test. I did the same with mine when I bought it, the shop said it was good on all four and I had a slight valve cover gasket leak. I will pass the word along for him to do the same before purchasing.
yes that was one of the many we came across. he said the mileage is a little too high for him. sorry- clean looking car! GLWS!
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