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Forget Orlando, FL

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I just talked to my rep which I put a deposit a month ago. He said the nearby dealer is charging 5k over!! And that they will also charge a fee over MSRP. So I am just going somewhere else. I am number 1 on the list but its not worth it. Going somewhere else which is offereing me MSRP and number 3! So we shall see.
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I just got off the phone with Bill Bryan Imports in Orlando. I had placed an order, with a $1000 deposit, at the beginning of March. The 'sales order' never specified MSRP. The sales order was little more than what appeared to be a generic Subaru code sheet with the words WRX STi Blue Gold wheels written on it. I should have known better then.

After today's phone conversation with the sales manager, the story has changed. Now they want to add a $349 dealer fee to the price. This was never discussed at the time I placed the deposit, and it wasn't until I spoke with the sales manager today (to ask for a letter stating MSRP; no more, no less) that the dealer fee was ever mentioned.

The staff at Bill Bryan claims that they have still not received the MSRP information from SoA. They refuse to tell me what number I am on the list. They claim to have no information on how many STi's will be coming in or when they will begin arriving.

I think I may be flying to Iowa to go see Mr. Murley, as soon as I get my deposit back. :)
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This is actually an additional fee they are charging. The doc fee I was ready for. This new line item, the Dealer's Fee, of $349 never came up until yesterday.

I think I will get my money's worth, though. From time to time, I pay $125 to have my current WRX detailed. I will just insist that that the car be delivered to me from the dealer looking like it came from a detailing shop rather than accept the half-a**ed cleaning job I've settled for in the past. Anyone want to place bets on how many times I have to send the car back?
After my last conversation with Bill Bryan, I could not wait any longer. My spot in line had changed from 4 to 5 to 7 over the past few weeks, with no real reason. They had also started out saying that they expected 2 to 3 STi's per allocation run. They were a little overconfident. It turns out that they are only getting one STi in the first allocation, and then MAYBE one per month after that.

So I went to a local Mitsubishi dealer on May 13 and bought an Evo for MSRP. I should be getting my STi deposit back really soon. It's a shame that my personal Subaru dealership experience was not what I had dhoped it would be.
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