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Forester suspension on an STi?

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I tried searching but didn't see any concrete answers.
I saw posts about lowering the Forester on STi bits but not in reverse.

I've been getting tempted lately to lift the STi.
I have seen people have done it on the WRX, but they share the same bolt pattern (and I presume knuckles) as the Forester, so I figure it is a more straight forward swap.

I would be looking to potentially install Forester struts/springs/tophats to raise my STi hatch, sort of like a pre-crosstrek crosstrek.
I am looking for answers on part compatibility and what else I need.
Do the struts fit?
Control arms?
Diff spacers so I'm not wearing out axles?
I really don't want to go through the trouble of swapping knuckles and control arms and axles, because at that point it seems like more expense than it's worth.

Once I get these installed I would be doing a full cut and bend ABS brush guard/splash panel for the front and ditching my skirt extensions and potentially even making custom 'safari' style side skirts.

I would appreciate any relevant info cause again, I see wrx guys have done it but not much on the STi
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here's a site dedicated to this type of mod:

you could probably contact them via phone and they could help you out with some tips/pointers

also there is a vendor called rallitek that sells lift kits and stuff
i'm glad you found some peace in the process! some breathing space lol
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