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I wrote to SOA a couple of days ago. This is what I wrote and received.


I am interested in purchasing the WRX STi when it is released in the US.
I do not, however, know when that will be, nor do I know what the price
will be. I was wondering if you could assist me in either, or both of
these matters.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Fritzler
Dear Mr. Fritzler:

Thank you for visiting the Subaru Web site and for your interest in Subaru products.

Subaru is considering the feasibility of an STi version of the WRX for future model years. But, we do not have any definite plans at this time. If an STi version of the WRX becomes available in the United States, it would probably not be for a couple of model years. Since the WRX is a new model only offered for the past year, it is too early to confirm the likelihood of offering an STi version in the US.

We appreciate that you took the time to contact us. I will forward your suggestion to offer an STi version of the WRX in the US to our Product Planning Department for their review and consideration. Thanks again!!

John J. Mergen
Subaru of America, Inc.
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