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When I received this same pathetic form letter from Subaru, I thought Subaru should just say what they really mean.

It really should read like this:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting the Subaru Web site and for your interest in Subaru products.

We know you want your STi, but you can't have it until we are good and ready. We are still trying to squeeze every cent out of the WRX add campaign. Some day we will come to our senses and pull our heads out of our rears and start selling the STi in the states. We are really enjoying this feeling of keeping something you want, out of your reach. For now we are content on having your local dealer blow smoke up you skirt. And by the way, why don't you swing by that dealer and get on a STi waiting list. For a car, that for all practical purposes doen't exist for you. Thanks again for waiting and waiting and waiting.

Subaru of America, Inc.”

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