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some of you have seen my other thread that i have been slacking on updating with all the info on my build. so i will start this journal to fill in all the little details.
when it was new:

after the 4088r kit:

and now with the s374:

the build started about two years ago and about three months after my perchance of my 04 sti. i had been thinking of this build for a while and after selling my 03 wrx that made 240whp and didn't want to put money into this car like i did the last one and not keep making power with the more and more things i do to it. so a big turbo was on the list for this build. i ended up getting a good deal on a gt4088 locally hear from a subaru build that went in a different direction. so after that purchase and lots of use of the search button in allot of different forums i came up with the fog light mount turbo kit after see a thread that had twin 35rs in each fog light on a h6. i fell in love with that car and couldn't stop reading about it and what they were doing with it. and when they ended up not finishing that build it made me get out to the garage and want to build something to that degree of awesomeness.

in the begining i had alot of differnt ideas but the basic idea was a twinscroll 40r, twin 44mm wastegates, 4inch cut out, and keep is some what sleeper. so with the build started i came up with having the turbo in a heat shield box that would keep the bumper from melting and everything around the turbo cool.

other ideas like a intake and ram air type intake were thrown out once i felt the need to have a bigger intercooler.

after scraping those ideas i felt that building the turbo kit and then building the other stuff around it would be a better plan. so on to the the kit. this is how the kit got routed and ended up fitting the car.

once the kit was done i went to the intake manifold. many different versions have been made but ended up with this:

bigger plenum and tapered it into the runner and mounted a bigger tb flange for the new dbc tb. then routed the ic piping and made sure to port match every thing on the kit so there would be no drops or ledges going from the ic piping to th tb or fmic. after that was done it was on to getting the oil problem fixed by making a tank for the oil to gather so the pump can pump it back to the motor. with that all done i could work on making the heat shields and skid plate to keep the turbo nice and safe. this is how it turned out:

and that pritty much takes car of the basics of the first build minus all the supporting mods. i ran the car like this for one short summer and had p&l tune it so i could test and make sure that everything will work. 443 was the out come of the tune to test every thing on. threw out that summer i had to do some changes to the oil pump and allot of wiring to make the dbc tb work right with the hydra along with some other things. by the end of the sumer and with all the fast cars being built i wanted something bigger and badder.
so the borg warner s374 was purchased. got this turbo cheaper then i payed for the 40r! so back to the garage and on to making this huge turbo fit. had to cut the header down and modify the fmic tank along with made a new dump/cutout section and went with the side exhaust so i could open the dump on the dyno and not burn the straps.

with that all done it was on to feeding this beast so i made a whole new fuel system. went with a set of 1600cc injectors with a secondary set of 1600cc injectors for using e98 or e100 fuels. in the trunk i made a swirl pot that is fed by two in tank walbro 255's and feeds a aeromotive eliminator inline pump to a -10 feed line and a -8 return line. with this set up i should never need another fuel mod.

so now back to testing this set up which is ware i sit now. still on the stock motor and had phill tune a pump gas map real quick and made 400whp. the built motor is in the process now of being put together. but untell that is done i will be running it on the stock long block. the long block that we are building is a 22t case, sleeved bored and stroked to a 2.65l with a 102mm bore. the heads are v7 bigport heads ported further with kelford avcs cams and Ferrea 1mm Oversize Valves and components. when this is done and put together i will be going for the full power potential.



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the list of mods to date:

2.65 closed deck and sleeved block
cp pistons
Oliver rods
balanced 2.5 lt crank
v7 big port heads ported & polished
1mm over valves and springs
keford cams 438 lift, 234 duration
comedic head gaskets
arp oversized head studs and case bolts
cosworth oil pump
new water pump and all timing pulleys
custom fog light twin scroll s374 turbo kit
two tial 44mm wastages
tial 50mm bov
4inch with cut out dump exhaust (no cats) all heat coated and wrapped
hydra w/ wideband, flat foot shifting, anti-lag, and launch control
hydra mist
koyo radiator
unorthodox ultra ss pulley set
cusco hard mounts
ngk copper plugs
pe timing belt
aps 725 fmic
custom ic pipes
aps ported tgvs
custom intake manifold
75mm dbc throttle body
wrx throttle cable
160 thermostat
oil filter relocation kit w/ oil cooler
battery relocation to the trunk
all an fittings and an lines

8- 1600cc injectors
4 aeromotive fuel rails
2 areomotive fuel pressure regulators
twin walbro pumps to a swirl pot -12 line from pot to pump. -10 line to motor and -8 back
aeromotive eliminator inline pump with two inline filters.
aeromotive y block and all flair fittings

turbosmart e-boost controller
status seats
sparco 5 point harness with harness bar
defi water temp, oil temp, oil pres, fuel pres, egt
proform shift light
wrx door cards and rear seat swap

drive line:
stock 6 speed and rear 180 diff
clutch masters stage 5 clutch/ switching out for a tiltion
act pro light fly wheel
oil filter relocation kit w/ oil cooler
drive shaft shop alum drive shaft and 1000 hp axles and hubs
bfg g-force ta drag radials
bc inverted coil overs
front and rear strut tower bars

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Mary Mother of God...that is somethig else. Excellent work.:eek:
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