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so am i trapping hot air by not having a block off plate?
You are creating turbulence in the engine bay to no benefit, which yes, traps hot air.

With a TMIC that air cools the intercooler and the radiator is unaffected.
The TMIC draft lessens the suction of the draft pulled through the front end, but the rad is big enough to handle it by itself.

With a FMIC, that hoodscoop air is just counter to the airflow path through the front end, plus you're heating up the rad with the intercooler.
When you put a blockoff plate, by capping the top draft, you create the room for a stronger front draft, which obviously cools more effectively.
I don't know the best piece for the VA, but looks like the plates are under 100$.

You'll notice there are some hoods available that are actually the reverse of the OEM hood, with an opening that drafts air up and over the car.
These are effective in that they speed up the front draft to pull more air for cooling, plus downforce.

/Get a blockoff plate
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