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Flashing cel 13 sti

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Hello well this is a awful first post. I was driving my 13 sti and stopped at a red light then decided to do a pull first second and then missed third unsure if I over revved or not. Look down at cluster and saw flashing cel so I slowed down and cruised and cel went solid and then within 15 seconds went out. Mods tb catted exhaust, turbo inlet and cobb intake, agile auto tuned. Car has 3k on it and I'm running motul 540. Came home and scanned the car and my cobb is saying no faults stored I am planning on using my better scan tool but its at work anyone else have this issue it's weird that the cobb is saying no codes stored. Thanks in advance Greg
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That's a tough one. The CLE should always leave code. Maybe over revved(timming), over fueled, or boost. Regardless their should be something in the computer. Will the AP give you freeze frame data?
Flashing CEL is usually indicating knock if your tuner set it up that way. It detected X amount of knock (whatever the tuner has it set to) and flashed to let you know.
I don't have any freeze frame data and my scan tool at work doesn't show anything either. I did a data log this morning on my drive to work and I just got done reviewing it and everything looks normal. Hopefully whatever happened wasn't a big deal
Contact your tuner and see if he set it up to show knock. If so then you have your answer.
No code, no freeze frame, and runs normal. Life seems to be good. Still would be a good idea to check with your tuner though.
Thanks for the input guys sent my tuner all my data logs
Good move, and good luck. Let us know if you find anything.
Ok so my tuner looked at my data logs and sent me a adjusted tune now i have data logged a good amount and now I see next to no knock feedback. I just ordered killer b headers with swain tech so ill be doing another tune once I get those installed
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