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First scar

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Well everyone im not to happy. I have had my STI for 9 month and put 9K miles on her but today she got her first battle scars. Im not even sure how it happened but i seem to have clipped a curb or something with the passenger side of the front bumper. Now i have a nice curb rash on the lower part of the bumper. Im more mad that i dont know when it happened exactly than i am of it happening as i have no idea when or what i hit. Not to mention that its not just on the bottom of the bumper it goes up about two inches on the side so you can see it a mile away. I cant stress how mad i am at myself for hurting my baby. I got a quote from a body shop here for 500$ to get it fixed and a new bumper would be 300$ plus paint if i wanted to put it on my self. I dont really have that kind of money at this time so i guess it will have to stay. Maybe ill get some brushes and try to fill it in with touchup paint so its not noticeable. SO MAD at my myself though aaaaarrrrggggg!!
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Sorry man. Those are always the worse to swallow; when you're at fault/or caused the damage.

I would start looking at used bumpers. I know i constantly look and never really recall seeing a blue bumper. But it might be best, to color match, and install yourself.

This is route i would take; leave damage until i come across a SWP part i damaged. I am already on the hunt for fenders. The overspray of the tire shine, has imprinted yellow spots on them. Searched all over, no one has ever been successful in removing them. But i only remember, when i wash my car, when i spot them.
Hey brotha I feel your pain! I too have a 2013 STI. Had it for 10 months and 11k miles. It's my first new car and I'm OCD with it. My problem, though, is that I RACE it. DAMN.

Back in February I was ice racing it and hit a few small piles of snow that didn't make me blink. Afterwards I examined it and I had some hairline cracks in the front bumper. DAMN.

Then, I went up to northern WI where the snow banks were higher and HARDER and had a run in with a snow bank when ice racing. cracked the front bumper some more AND lost a fog light cover. Had to order an extra fog cover. DAMN.

Then I noticed that I had a huge scrape on the lower driver side of my front bumper, must have hit it on a driveway or something. DAMN.

Then last week I was at a go kart track doing a 20 minute session. I was on my street tires and dog fighting with other cars equipped with Extreme class tires (Star Specs, RS3's, etc). I overheated my tires and suddenly didn't have the braking I expected and under-steered into a hay bale :lol:. Another crack in the front bumper. DAYEM.

The way I see it, the STII's front bumper is nothing but plastic, it's going to get scraped/blemished sooner than later. I've come to terms that this will be my racing bumper and I'll wear the battle scars proudly. I'll likely order another bumper for $200 and just rattle can it with grimspeed WRB LOL :D.
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