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First data log

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Just got my AP3 today and installed. I decided to do a data log before I install my SF intake tonight just to make sure everything was in check before I went to all the trouble. Idk exactly how to decode these but from what I'm seeing here and logs I've looked at, it looks ok?.... Any input would be helpful.

I'll be tossing up another log after I get the SF in.

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You will need to make your logs public for us to view it. Please refer to the forum sticky for information

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my bad, got it set to public now.
Logs look alright. You got some knock when you went to WOT, cobb would say this is normal, but its a tuning thing. Pro tune would certainly take care of this. I see your in northern ohio, Id invite you to consider looking at myself (located in dayton ohio) for tuning if you have any interest in professional tuning. My rep thread will show you I am well liked for my product.
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Thanks for looking! I ran 2 logs after putting the SF on and they looked roughly the same, but ended up with no knock what so ever. I'll be looking for a tuner in the future too after I get a down pipe, but Dayton is a pretty good hike! I may look you up though, quality work will over rule distance for sure.
E tuning is also a possibility! Road tuning is only faster, the results are the same!
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