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fine fine fine... ill wait

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lol... i was dead set on getting a WRX and then i found this forum and decided i will wait for an STi. now whats all this talk about waiting lists... i dont want the car the minute it comes out, but does that mean i wont get one unless im on a list?? im getting scared here lol

also a few things i want to clarify, does the STi come with fog lights? i see the fog light covers, but is there anything underneath them? the STi has xenon headlights as well correct? andddddd price is estimated ( i know its not released) to be about 30k USD?

i would appreciate it if anyone who can answer these (simple to the regulars im sure) questions for me responds.

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I don't know what's under the covers either. Rumor is the HID's are being tested for U.S. use. 30k is word on the web.
Welcome to the club. I am patiently waiting also. Rumor has it that there will only be about 1700 STi brought here, so depending on price and dealer markup you might not get one if you are not on a list. From what I have heard, there is nothing under those fog light covers. I guess with the HIDs you don't need fog lights. I might consider adding some myself though. Actually I have a set of HID fogs on my Legacy that will be coming off when I sell it, hopefully to get an STi, if they fit and look good maybe I will throw them on my STi.
Hmm... what is the general requirements to get on a list? How much of a deposit, if any?

Also anyone know any dealers that are filling lists in NY area (willing to take a drive for a deal; up to 200 miles).

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Right now the biggest thing to getting on the list is that SOA hasn't officially annouced the STi so dealers are reluctant to make lists.

Check the STi Order/Waiting List Forum for NY delear info.
1. $30kUSD: yes (best estimate)
2. Bullet owns an AUS-spec STi and says that there are no lamps, but that the wiring is ready. Even if you have Xenon lamps, they can be a hindrance if you're in a snowstorm or in the fog; imagine snowflakes or droplets as millions of tiny mirrors. Fog lights are often mounted very low so that you illuminate what you need to without high reflection hitting your eyes.
3. Some more conservative types say that you'll get an STi -- likely at a lower price -- if you avoid the hype and wait until SOA brings in more STi's. Take the PT Crapper or the dung Beetle, for example. That's if Subaru brings more; most people here don't want to gamble. Dealers appear to be happy with 200-1000 for a depo.
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