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Finally joined forum (Not sure what took me so long)

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Hello all,
I have been a long time lurker on here and finally decided to join. Not sure what took me so long! I have owned several Subarus over the years and currently own a 21' WRB Sti. This is my first Sti as all my others have been Wrx's. I traded in my 20' Wrx and purchased the 21' Sti which was a dream car growing up. As I am older and financially able to own this car, I am so glad I found this one for a great deal. Also very happy I made the decision when I did and didn't hold out for a newer model year. This was before Subaru announced that they scrapped future Sti models 馃槥. Sorry 23' Wrx owners, I just cant seem to like the new body on the VB. Here is a little bit about my Sti build so far.
Stock engine and turbo.
Invidia downpipe
Invidia R400 catback
Cobb flex fuel with lines, rails, Fpr, ID 1300's (yes I know these are overkill but will explain later)
Cobb intake
Grimmspeed topmount
Cobb LF bypass
Killer B hard inlet
IAG TGV housing
IAG oil pan, pickup, baffle, and tray
Cobb boost controller
IAG street Aos
Southbend Stage 3 street clutch
Custom tune on Accessport done by RT Tuning here in PA.
355whp 367tq on E72.
I was building the car for future mods as to why the car is running ID 1300's. The build is mainly for personal street driving with some spirited backroad driving (smiling the whole time 馃榿 and maby a future track day? I have had parts sitting here for the better part of a year before greenspeed put things to a hault. Parts I have are ETS front mount, ETS EL header, P&L Ewg upipe with Tial 38mm wastegate, Tial Q Bov and all supporting mods to tune on speed density. Only need to purchase a turbo. Was still on the fence with my selection on turbo choice. I kept leaning towards blouch as they are very local to me in PA. Still waiting on the word with Cobbs revision to the new Nexgen flexfuel setup and hopfully get everything on and tuned very soon. Hope you guys enjoy my story as I am excited to share my build to others on here and keep sharing here. I will post some pics of her if you guys are interested. Also let me know if this needs moved to another section.
Stay safe guys!
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Official welcome to the forums man!

What was your first subaru or wrx, and how many in between that and your STI?

I am 'older' and more financially suited to dumping money into a money pit as well these days. But I did the opposite and bought my 05 back in 07 and then held onto it mostly stock for years and years waiting for the right time to build it out. Different kind of waiting, but I know the feeling, hah.

Definitely post up some pics. Threads are always better with them.
Welcome. Definitely post up pics.

so far as turbo, can鈥檛 go wrong with blouch. So far as which one, that鈥檒l come down to your goals/what you want out of the car. I鈥檓 impressed with the whp number. That鈥檚 extremely high for a stock turbo. Even on e85.I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 a blast. If you have turbo questions I have assisted with and driven or ridden in quite a few setups (used to work at mach v Motorsports) I have said for years the 1.5 is my favorite stock location setup. It may be a little much for the oem motor. Pending your goals a 20g may be good, or even an 18g.
Welcome and nice list of upgrades.
Interesting mod projects! Welcome and enjoy
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