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Picked it up this morning.

So far the car has exceeded all my expectations. I don't know how they've done it but the low-end torque is great and the transition through spool-up is smoother, yet much stronger, than the WRX. Increadible.

It's been raining on and off all day - perfect AWD weather.

The Canadian version with the pass-though into the trunk is 'interesting' ... we'll have to see if it's useful. Again, no side-light indicators; must have just been for the car show. The suspension is stiff but not harsh and I can confirm what others are saying about noise - those Potenza's are pretty loud. Good thing it came with a stereo!

I've been driving it around a bit - I still can't figure out what the gears marked '5' and '6' are for. :wink:

I can't wait to play more with the DCCD.

I'll post some pics of my baby along with this birth announcement soon. By the way, it was a late delivery, it weighed in at around 3000 lbs and we're naming him 'Scooby'.


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Congrats, Lars and nice post. We must have been slogging it out in the Toronto monsoons together yesterday as I picked my blue/gold up from Downtown Subaru before the heavens opened. Didn't see you though. :wink:

I think I picked up the fact that yours is blue/gold from another post.

I did up a long account of my own first-day driving impressions but by the time I tried to submit it I had been logged out. :( Maybe I'll try again when I learn to type faster.

I was told that the model at the Auto Show was a European market car as no Canadian market car had been assembled yet. Thus no side-light indicators on ours.
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