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Fillup Overflows!!!

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K. I have pumped alot of gas into alot of cars over the years!! I have had maybe 2 overflows ever tops. Today i got my first fillup with my STI and sure nuff it doesn't stop and overflows. I see others complaining about this. Is it possibly a design flaw in the STI's gas intake piping? So lets take a poll and see how prevalent this problem is. Poll time!
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I just did my first fillup tonight and was worried about it but the pump shut of with no problem. I did not try to squeeze a few more drops in like I normally do though, I just stopped when it shut off.

I think if people have problems they should post what brand gas station they were at. Maybe we will see a pattern. I just did my first one at a Mobil and had no problems.
phun said:
Hi Guys:
I actually listen for the change in the sound of the gas entering the tank (indicating the gas is approaching the filler neck/tank junction then slow to a trickle until shutoff.
That is what I did on my first fill up and will prolly do for the next few, at least till I feel comfortable with it not overflowing.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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