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Hate to do this but I'm putting this up, mostly as a feeler.

Up for consideration is my modified 2011 GR STI 5-door hatchback in Dark Gray Metallic.

Asking price is $20k FIRM

Car is located in SoCal.

My build journal/photos: Zzyzx85's 2011 STI - Daily Driver gone Weekend Project?

Chassis has 108k miles. Engine has 8k miles. Car is currently not daily driven and mileage will not go up much (barring something happening to my daily driver and I need to use the STI as my daily again).

Car is NOT STOCK and will remain modified, even after taking off bolt-on parts. Car is also not perfect. It was daily driven and tracked but professionally maintained and inspected afterwards by John of Corner Speed Tuning.

I know stock/close to stock cars bring more money but I am offering to sell the car for mostly as-is. Easier for me and easier for you if you want a fun, reliable car right out of the box.

Included in sale:
  • Built, closed deck engine making 370/360
  • OE BBS wheels (2 sets of Volk RE30s available)
  • OE seats
  • Nvidia catted downpipe, Harman Motive catback. OE exhaust parts (headers, downpipe, midpipe, muffler) included
  • JRZ RS Pro coilovers (OE springs and dampers included)
  • and more...
From the beginning, I envisioned making this a fun daily driven car that can do pretty much anything. I could go from running groceries to lapping Buttonwillow to cruising the mountains, comfortably and reliably. I felt like I've achieved that with this car.

Unfortunately because I feel like I have "completed" this car, my interest for this car has somewhat waned. I still find it a fun car to drive but I don't feel the need to do anything with it anymore and feel that it's time for me to move on from it.

If you think this is the right car for you or if have any questions, feel free to send me a message.
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