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FASTuuN updates

As of now we have two products. We are revamping our websites to help in organization and understanding.

A question I get a lot is where do I start?

If you're like me and very busy, you may need someone else to do all the leg work for you. It is possible to
spend six+ months studying up on you own. By the time you finish, I guarantee you will have forgotten something.
This might be a problem since your study material will have been spread all over the internet and in books.
FASTuuN EFI Simplified ™ has erased this issue with our online training. With 5 dedicated classroom sessions
and almost 35 demonstration videos, we've got you covered.

FASTuuN EFI Simplified is structured in a way that you systematically learn. This progressive method starts
from the ground floor and builds on each step. It creates a tuning foundational knowledge that will give you the
tools to successfully tune your and others vehicles. With the FASTuuN EFI Simplified course, remembering all
the tuning knowledge is easy as replaying a video. You will get lifetime access with your onetime price.
What does this mean exactly? It means, you will receive access to your paid course material for life. You will be able
to watch and re-watch YOUR course material 24/7 365 days a year! When we refine our course from time to time,
you will automatically be grandfathered in. This means you will not have to pay for further upgrades for the 2.0,

One HUGE obstacle of learning to tune is time and money. FASTuuN has overcome this hurdle by creating the
first of its kind, online-tuning-school. We have literally brought the classroom to you. With our real-time
tuning course, you no longer have to get the time off from work, purchase an airfare ticket, hotel and rental car.
This is huge, it will allow you to learn to tune EFI in your spare time; and in the comfort of your own home, office,
or shop. Not to mention the potential thousands you save in expenses and competitors pricing.

Let's tackle the other issue of misinformation. Utilizing our professor Shawn Church's vast knowledge and
teaching ability, you can ensure the information you learn is accurate and correct in every manner. The lessons
have been thoroughly thought out. You will not have to worry about opinion and debate like the information
on the web.

So, if you have read the books and spent the time learning on your own, can FASTuuN EFI Simplified help you?
Absolutely, The major reason FASTuuN can help even the experienced tuner is; you will learn to tune from one
Master Tuner. A big reason tuners can get into trouble tuning is using contradicting methods of tuning an engine
management system. If you learn from one Master Tuner, utilizing one methodology, you will have a more consistent
outcome for each tune, you will eliminate the expensive trial-by-fire style of learning. This will results in a safer tune.
After all, how good is a tune if it makes 600hp, but for only 4 dyno pulls?

Now, if your ready to take your tuning knowledge to the next level, or already know how to tune, we are creating
vehicle specific courses. These courses build on the foundational knowledge you have learned in the
FASTuuN EFI Simplified course. The first of these courses is the SUBIETuuN course. We received a lot of request from
the Subaru community to create a Subaru specific course. So, we did.

SUBIETuuN is a course that consists of detailed instructions for the Cobb AccessPort ™.
The Tuners Edition includes the 5 classroom sessions where you learn about each function and its benefit.
The five classroom sessions are accompanied by a pre-tune video which demonstrates how to properly set up
you Subaru ECU, prior to starting the tuning process. For example you will see what you learned in the classroom
sessions. Such as MAF calibration and injector scaling. Next you will have access to multiple Dyno videos. The
Dyno videos will cover all years: 02-03, 04-06, 07, 08-Present WRX and STi. Once you have tuned your vehicle
your not quite finished. You MUST check your tune. This is where the final video helps ensure you have a safe
tune on the road. Shawn takes you on a drive, showing you how to correctly and safely check your tune for
conditions that cannot be replicated on the Dyno. Here you will learn how to check for knock under excessive
loads, boost creep, and more. Once this step is complete you're set to go, or hand over the keys of a more
powerful, yet safely tuned, vehicle to your customer.

If, your only interested in tuning your very own vehicle, we have made the individual vehicles available as well.
So for example, if you have an 09' Subaru STi, you can purchase just you car. Your purchase will include, the
same five classroom sessions, the same pre-tune video, your specific vehicles Dyno video(s) and the same
checking the tune video.

Again, with SUBIETuuN, you will enjoy the same benefits as FASTuuN EFI Simplified. You still receive lifetime,
24/7, 365 days a year access. No upgrade fees for 2.1, 2.2 etc. No travel, hotel or car rental fees. The same
systematic learning process. All taught from renown Master Tuning Professor, Shawn Church.

If you want to learn more about FASTuuN and what we are doing for the EFI tuning world, please feel free to contact us.


Jack Fredericks
[email protected]

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Take a quick minute to check out what we have for the Subaru community.

Start here at FASTuuN EFI Simplified
Here you'll learn the basic prerequisites of tuning EFI. FOR FREE!

Next, look at the pricing tab at the top of the FASTuuN.com page.
Here you'll be able to purchase the FASTuuN EFI Simplified course.
In this course you will learn all the foundational knowledge that is necessary
to learn to tune your engine management system.

Lastly, we have the SUBIETuuN course. You can check this course out at
In this course you will learn all the details necessary to tune YOUR Suabru ECU
using the Cobb AccessPort tm.

Take a minute, check it out, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Jack Fredericks
[email protected]

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IWSTI members, How much can you learn for free?
Just under 3 hours of training is the answer!
See below to see where to start. If you like these basic videos even a little, YOU'LL LOVE THE FASTuuN COURSES. EFI SImplified and SUBIETuuN.

Learn more of what FASTuuN has to offer.

Watch videos from:

FASTuuN EFI Simplified

Here you can get access to the FREE fundamentals videos.
These 2 videos are approximately 1 hour long each.
Shawn explains basic EFI knowledge in an easy and digestible manner.
Simply submit your email and join. FREE!


YouTube Channel FASTuuN - YouTube

Here you'll see videos on:

Rev Limiter
Boost control tips
Load compensation
Tuning with E-85
Start up fuel trimming
and some misc. videos too
We will soon continue adding content to our YouTube channel once we are completed revamping our websites platforms.

If you learned something in these videos, your going to be astonished what you learn in our courses.

Hope you enjoy.


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