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Ok, first off my mods .... TXS turbo back, intake and GFB blow off valve set to recirc about 70%. HPMBC set to about 15 psi in 5th gear. (I have 5,500 mile on the car now)


When I "get on it" and release the throttle to slow down, I hear this weird almost like a pinging sound, sort of raspy bearing in a can noise ......

At first, I thought it was drivetrain noise, slightly similar to the drivetrain noise of the throw out bearing & clutch design in the first allocation of 02 wrx's .... but more high pitched, less noticeable ...

Today, as I was sitting in my driveway, I blipped the throttle up to 6,000 or so rpms ...... hmmm , I could hear the sound again, and the car wasn't even moving ....

Got a buddy to stick his head in my engine bay while I did it again a couple of times .... He said it definitely seems to be coming from the turbo .....

Yuck .....crap .... wonder if the bearing cartridge or whatever is going..... oh well, I guess I won't be bringing this to the dealer.

I ordered a VF-22 today, just as a temporary replacement so that we can take the factory one out and take a look at it. ( I was looking for a cheap turbo, that I could re-sell later, because I have plans for a gt35r with proper fuel and engine management setup)

Any suggestions other than what I'm thinking?
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