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F/S: 2010 AW STi SE

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Car is in super shape, outside and inside. I'm the original owner and I bought the car in March 2010. Has only 36,200 miles on it. Washed/waxed by me regularly. All services performed at dealer. Oil changed every 5,000 miles and I use the Subaru synthetic. All windows professionally tinted and frontal clear-bra professionally installed too. Had OE engine cross brace and under chassis brace installed from factory. Also has factory installed short-shifter. Also had factory installed fog lights, which were an option for this SE model.

Aftermarket installations:
1. RCE yellows and front/rear sways with endlinks. I have the OE sways too if you want them.
2. Has 2011 front lower A-arms installed (better rear control arm mount).
3. Professionally installed $2800 audio system installed to include Alpine PD-X5 5 channel 4 x 75 watt/1 x 300 watt amp, removable 10" MTX thunder 75 sub/enclosure, JL Audio C5-650x component front speakers and C5-650x rear speakers, and Kenwood DDX814 touch screen head unit. The system sounds awesome! You can have the OE system too if you want it.
4. P&L cat-back exhaust installed in 2012; just a wonderful sound! You can have the OE exhaust too.
5. Also installed are DBA street series slotted rotors with carbotech pads. These components are in excellent condition with very good life left. You can have the OE Brembo rotors and pads too, which have tons of life left. You won't need brakes for a while!
6. You can see by the picture that there is a Blacktop Aero rear spoiler installed. You get the OE spoiler as well, which is as-new condition.
7. There is also a front CF lip spoiler installed.
8. Alcantara shift boot and emergency lever brake boot installed to match alcantar seat inserts.

Now for engine news...Subaru replaced the MAF, O2/fuel sensor and turbo under warranty. The Subaru mechanics couldn't figure out why I was having engine hesitation issues at 5300 rpm, and they replaced all this stuff in the hopes that this would cure the condition! It was finally confirmed that my #4 cylinder compression was bad due to a cracked piston ring. Subaru is replacing the short block (including all its internals, pistons, rings, etc.) as of this writing. So, in buying this car, you will be getting a 2010 with a new engine and a new turbo! BTW, I've never done any engine mods, not even a flashed/reflashed computer...nothing. And I have an extended warranty through Subaru, which is transeferrable, on major components outside the drivetrain i.e. brakes, etc. through March 2015.

Now for the carfax news...the carfax will indicate minor to medium damage. I was bumped in the rear at low speed and it marred the finish of my rear bumber fascia enough that insurance replaced the bumber fascia, about $650. That's it. It is as good as new. I have the damage repair receipt.

The SE specific wheels that came on the SE model are in near perfect condition and they have Conti Contact DWS tires mounted to them; the tires have about 6 3/2nds tread left.

The wheels that are pictured on the vehicle are WedSport SA-97F's. I will sell these with the vehicle for an additional $975. These wheels new were $467 per wheel. They are in excellent condition.

I am asking $24750 for a quick sale, $25725 with the WedSport wheels. Thanks for reading. Send me any questions. Godspeed!

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