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STi has made two sets of Recaro sport seats for STi. They can be seen below:

The one on the left is a type that we have been importing for several months now. The one on the right is a type that is no longer made by STi.

We have one set in stock of the type on the right. Only real difference other than the fact you cannot purchase the one on the right from STi is the fact that it comes with different style label. You will notice the label's positioning and the STi lettering is also spelled out: Subaru Technica International. See below for an up close pic of the seat and the label we found online. This is very JDM. We have not been able to get our hands on this specific seat until now and then we were only able to get one set, so this will likely be the only set like it in the US.

These seats will match the blue interior of your STi. You can enjoy sport driving more as they offer an ideal driving position and improved bolstering to hold you tigher during cornering. Another advantage is that they are significantly lighter than your stock seats; they will save approximately 50-60 lbs over the stock seats; each one is ~30 lbs and comes without airbags. Unlike fixed back seats, these are reclineable so you can still be comfortable while still getting the benefits of a sport seat.

Price is $999 per seat with complete brackets and sliders for an easy bolt in installation. We will also throw in a free CG Lock.

Also, check out our other rare limited edition STi Black Seats as seen in the new Spec C Type RA out of Japan here: http://www.imprezawrxsti.com/postnuke/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=17220

King of Imports, LLC

Edit: I dug up this picture on the net to see what an up close pic looks like of both

This is the highly sought after set that we have in stock:

This is the other set that can be had any day of the week:
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