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Exhaust suggestions for 2011 sti hatch

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I am looking for preferably a single exit exhaust but quads are fine too. Any advice or suggestion is appreciated :thx:
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Perrin. I love ours.l Nice deep very smooth tone. No popping, no rasp or drone either. You still get that subaru un even note too
Check this link, it might help you out : http://www.iwsti.com/forums/gr-exhaust/192378-exhaust-loudness-hiearchy-gr.html

Ps: Most of the questions that you might come up with in the future have most probably been discussed on this forum, thus a quick search using the search funtion might help you save alot of time not to mention the potential "fames" that you might get exposed to :)
I just put on the invidia N1 street dual exhaust last week. I like it a lot. I have a 2011 STi hatch as well.

I also put a catted cobb DP on and a grimmspeed ebcs and had it tuned. Car is amazing now.

I had the invidia cat back on for a few days before I added the DP and the tune, the invidia alone was very deep sounding, the DP made it a bit more throaty, but still very deep rumble.

I was looking at the nameless CBE but it was quite a bit more. The invidia CBE was 680 or so from rally sport direct.
The responses will be as varied as your question. Let us know what your goal is. Max flow? Max volume? Mellow volume? Budget? I can tell you that I've had the HKS, Magnaflow, Nameless with 5" mufflers and Crawford Gymkhana and they are all quality products although I did have Magnaflow install mine, which seems to be a potential sticking point with those CBEs.
i love my n1 race, but switching to the new Tomei single fart can
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I love my Perrin on the sedan :)
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