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Most people on the Lancerz forum are speculating 29,995 for a 0-options Evo7. That's below the 30K limit that almost all rumors agree upon. I doubt very many of them will come that way, but there aren't many options on them in the first place so... 31K base price for a WRX STi isn't too bad if you consider what you're getting, or what you're not getting if you know much about Mitsubishi. It's also a lot cheaper than doing a US WRX -> STi conversion.

I think exchange rates put the price of the cars in the mid-high 20k range. I'd like to find price comparisons on other Subaru and Mitsu cars but I can't seem to find any JDM prices. It would be interesting to see the USDM markup on other models to get a better idea of price. I can only assume that is where these price rumors are coming from because that's the smart way of figuring it out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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