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EVO Press Release

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Here is what the Sti is going to be up against. Looks like 4,500 units and under $30K. Encouraging news for Sti pricing.

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in remarks to 91TB78,
I dont think i would pay over the MSRP, thats just sick!!! But then again theres a dealership out here in miwlaukee that say he'll add 5-10k depending on the demand. I was like hahahah NO WAY i would buy shiet he was given me a 40k price i was like ciao you lost some sales!!! But then again im sure the MSZRP on the STI will be like 28K starting and of course when you add a few goodies it will be in the 31-32K after all that bullshit destination charges and blah blah!!!!

But im not gonna downgrade the EVO that car looks nice...but then again the STI looks sweet!! so we'll see hold hands until monday!!! i swear ill be outta work and on the net to hear what happens!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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