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EVO Press Release

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Here is what the Sti is going to be up against. Looks like 4,500 units and under $30K. Encouraging news for Sti pricing.

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Sounds like good news for us..just cross your fingers for what SOA will be bringing.
I sure hope you're right. If SOA prices it at $30K even..I'm a happy customer..and they still are in the same ballpark as the Evo.

I already know so many people thinking the Evo is the cats meow compared to the STi..I sure hope SOA doesn't shoot themselves in the foot with gouging the price much higher than the Evo..especially with the Xenon lights standard on the Evo!! :D

PS..I saw my first up-close G35 coupe yesterday...SUHWEET!!!! Heck, if SOA stiffs us...that is looking like a nice replacement! :D j/k. ;)
its a typo. we could all wish though!!!!

you might want to get your butt down to the dealer now..after the press release will definately be too late.

my guess, since the Evo will come with the twin scroll turbo we are indeed gonna get the rumored 2.5L or we are gonna also get the twin-scroll turbo. My bet is on the later. yippee!!
I wont pay over MSRP on any car...period!

If I have to pay $5K over..I'll wait until the next year...that's ridiculous. The dealer I am working with the STi said MSRP only..no more..maybe less. I think the STi is a better car anyhow..maybe a little less cult status than the Evo (especially with the younger generations in Cali).
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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