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Hi all, I went from stock to AP Stg 2 with my 2006 STi this last weekend and got my gauges installed with it. Everything runs fine except for my boost gauge which is very erratic. At WOT it bounces from 4-6 PSI, then I let off and it peaks at 16psi. If I'm on the freeway doing 75 and set the cruise, my gauge again bounces around 5psi whereas I would think it should be pretty steady. I'm thinking it's maybe a loose fitting from the install giving the Defi gauge inaccurate readings, but before I take it back to my shop I was wondering if there's anything obvious I should look for first and maybe save myself some time.

I had the following installed all at once: SPT Intake, Cobb AP, Invidia G200 CB, Invidia Catted DP, Perrin lightweight crank pulley, and my 3 Defi gauges. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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