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Here are some services we are offering for locals only, along with some great package pricing with the Cobb AccessPORT V2:

EQ Custom Base map for your modifications -
This is a base map picked out from my extensive collection that will be appropriate for the specific modifications on your car at the time of purchase. These maps are very conservative as they are meant to run safely without any extra tuning. They will run significantly better than the Cobb OTS maps, providing more overall power, greatly improved response and drivability, and are safer overall for our specific 91 Octane fuel.

* $100 with your own AP
* $695 packaged with AP V2 - The base map is FREE in this package

EQ Custom Base Map with Logging, Verification, and Minor Tuning AKA "Quick Tune" -
This service starts with an EQ Custom Base Map for your set of modifications loaded onto your AP and flashed to the ECU. We will then perform several pulls with full logging and wideband a/f data to confirm that the map is running properly on your specific car. If anything is not quite as expected, we will also perform the necessary adjustments to make sure the tune is running safely and at the expected, conservative, power levels. At the end of the service the customer will end up with the custom map, any logging acquired while verifying that the map is running safely, as well as any power/torque graphs we acquire during testing. Note that no emphasis will be placed on extracting the best possible power with this service. The goal is to get a safe, smooth, responsive, and consistent running map. This service is aimed at the enthusiast who wants a quality EQ Tuning Custom Base map but would also like the peace of mind of knowing that the tune was verified and any adjustments were made to make sure the car is running safely. This service takes approximately 1 hour.

* $250 with your own AP
* $850 packaged with AP V2

EQ Complete Custom Tuning -
This is the complete custom tune for your car and setup. In this process I start with one of my base maps that's close to your setup and spend at least 2 hours custom tuning and perfecting the map to your specific car, requirements, and even your driving style. I will spend at least 3 hours on more complicated setups such as Big-MAF intakes, big turbos, rotated setups, race fuel, meth injection, etc. Such setups require some serious time to not only extract the right amount of power but to provide great daily drivability and consistancy. This is where my attention to detail really comes into play and will result in the best possible tune for your setup with an emphasis on the balance between the most possible safe power, consistency, drivability, and reliability.

Standard setups (2 hours):
* $350 with your own AP
* $950 packaged with AP V2

Complicated setups (3+ hours):
* $400 with your own AP
* $995 packaged with AP V2

Additional Tuned Maps for race fuel, water injection, etc are $250/map.

Cobb AccessPORT V2 in stock for all years - $695 OTD!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

E-mail: [email protected]
AIM: EQ Tuning
Phone: 650-703-9232

-- Ed
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