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I started noticing something weird on my car today as i was driving. Say i was on the highway going 80mph at 3000rpm and i exit and put it into neutral...i notice my oil pressure drop below 20psi. It usually idles at 20psi when it is warmed up and i set my defi controller to warn me if it droops below 15psi.

It only happens when i'm either driving fast or it was in the high rpms and i let it out to neutral. And then this one time i believe i was just around 3500rpm and i put it to neutral and my car stalled out.

I checked my oil level and it was still full and i just changed the oil 1500miles ago. I use WIX oil filter and Mobile1 Synthetic 5w30. Would using 10w30 raise the oil pressure? What other things would cause it to do that? Thanks!
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