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This thread is dedicated to conveying information about engine management, mainly answering the what and the how. It is a work in progress so feel free post your own comments, make suggestions, or ask questions or even correct me since I am gathering this info from the Internet and am liable to make mistakes.

The following ECU Management Options are most popular, denoted by Piggyback (PB), Reflash (R), or Stand Alone Replacement ECU (SA)

ECUtek (R)
Accessport by Cobb (R) with AccessTuner
Hydra (SA)
Vishnu (SA or R)
Utec/Unichip (PB)
Link (PB)
Motec (SA)

Important thread for '06 STi owners using Cobb Accessport:
06 STI w/ AP limited to about 10psi

Some old & new ECU & Tuning threads, so skim at your liesure:
ECU Comapisons & FAQ
The best STi ECU Management Discussion
The Official ECU Thread
Random questions and answers

UTEC Basics
UTEC & Tuning Questions

Hydra Tuning Guide in the works

Autospeed Article on the XEDE

What are others running? ECUtek v. Utec v. AP v. Other
Accessport Horror Story and ECUtek SoCal to the rescue!!!!
Socal ECUtek Tuners

Recommended Engine Tuning Book

Massive Turbo FAQ if you are considering an upgrade

Wideband 02 Sensor Resource

What is Boost Creep?

How Subaru's Factory Boost Control Works (by Christian from Cobb)

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If you know of an important thread you would like referenced here, or information that should be included, PM the information to a moderator to be reviewed and posted. Thank you.
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