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Just got my car back from The Good Guys in Corte Madera, CA. I was shopping for a head unit and some speakers to install myself, but affter the install guy came in and talked to me for a while, i decided to let him have a go at it. he had installed about 7 STis before mine, so i felt comfortable leaving it with him. instead of speakers and a head unit i ended up going with the whole system...

Head Unit: Eclipse CD 5423

Amp: Eclipse EA 3532 5/4 Channel 650 W

Speakers (Front): Eclipse SP 8962 (6 1/2")
Speakers (Back): Eclipse SE 8353 (5 1/4")

Subwoofer: JL Audio 12W0 in a Power Wedge box

dropped it off at 1 PM on sunday picked it up at 6 PM that day. Great install, quick service and most importantly it sounds awesome. the speakers are awesome and the subwoofer is just right. it cost 1800 installed with all Monster Cable and Interlink cables. The only thing that went wrong was he broke the trim piece around my door handle, but he had already ordered the part when i picked up the car. this guy was very professional and nice as well. If you live in Northern Cali (Marin) and want an awesome stereo at a great price then this is the place to go. PM me for his details.
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