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ebony & ivory, live together in perfect harmony......

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everybody sing... :)

hey y'all. wojo and i hooked up of the gw parkway north of the airport here in no. va. we gabbed and took a few pics. grr, time to buy a new camera. wojo, *great* meeting you and your wife. can't wait for summit point! please post your pics since they've got to be better than mine.


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4MLA1FN: It was great meeting you too. White STi is amazing!!! I wish I had another $30k lying around so that it could end up in my garage.

I added some pics of my own (different angles)

BTW, I love the title of this thread :)


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one more...


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mg5904 said:
Did you guys drive each others cars? That doesn't sound right, but you know what i mean. Any insights?
Yeah I rode in his car as well as a blue Sti the other day. The car feels completely different than a regular WRX - almost no similarities.

The gauges are simply amazing. Almost perfect. I shouldn't even begin to compare the EVO ones here. I really like the shift light/buzzer function - it's a cool gadget. The seats are ok, but EVOs are clearly superior. The steering wheel - the best thing about it is that it is thick (reminds me of my RSX), but unfortunately it is larger than EVOs. Also the shifter feels loose and vibrates a bit.

Its been discussed enough already, so I will just confirm that the scoop is huge and it shakes when u drive. This is without a doubt my least favorite thing about this car. The wing also shakes, but that doesn't bother me as much.

Both cars where in the break-in period, so I had to stay under 5k. The car is faster (in a straight line) than EVO, but EVO "feels" faster. Maybe it's because the EVO just looks and feels "lighter" and also since there is no turbo lag in the STi you don't feel that "rush" when the turbo spools up.

Since it wasn't my car I was driving, I obvioulsy didn't want to push it hard, so I can't really comment here. I will say though, that there is less body roll in the EVO and there is very noticable difference in the steering.

In summary, I am happy with my choice. I had a deposit on STi since January and I changed my mind "in the last second" and bought the EVO. Having said that, they are both simply amazing and I would be more than happy with either one of them.
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4MLA1FN said:
wojo said:
Maybe it's because the EVO just looks and feels "lighter"
looks like we're writing effectively the same post at the same time. :)

the weird thing is i *thought* i read a review that said the evo was larger than the evo in every dimension. did i misread that? when i'm in the presence of the evo and look at the pics, the sti seems clearly larger.
Yeah, it's weird. The Sti looks larger, but is actually a few inches smaller in every dimension.
I looked up some more precise data:

______________Sti EVO
Height (inches)__56.7 57.1
Lenght_________173.4 178.5
Width__________68.1 69.7
Wheelbase______100 103.3
Ground Clear.____5.7 5.5
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