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Drive Magazine, Spring 2003

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I just got my copy of the Spring 2003 Drive magazine, and on the last page it announces the new subaru turbo models...it's all information we already know, but adds fuel to the excitement, at least for me :)

Anyway, it mentions the STi, the "bold new redesign" which is "the direct result of close consultation with STI engineers and the Subaru World Rally Team to help reduce air resistance, optimize lift force balance and improve engine cooling." Hmm. I thought it was a direct result of people saying the current version was ugly. :wink:

Also mentioned is the Forester 2.5 XT and plans to produce a turbo Baja as well. Nothing new, but...it's coming!
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The Baja's are not selling too terribly well yet, I think it's because they did not execute on the concept. If they executed on that better, I think they would have sold many more than they have.

This is why a Turbo Baja is on the way. A big draw of the original concept was the fact it had forced-induction.

All IMHO and from a Subie enthusiast's viewpoint...

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